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New Office Inauguration – QACraft

Team QACraft Celebrates the Grand Opening of its New Office We had limited talents and there wasn’t much space for us in 2017, when we began our journey. That was the beginning of our company. At that time, our team’s

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WFH or WFO, Which one do you prefer the most?

What is WFH? Work from home refers to work done from home rather than at an office. The notion is referred to by the acronym “WFH.” Work from Home is also known as remote work, distance working, remote job, and

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20+ Best Performance Testing Service Provider Companies

Want to reduce your time-to-market without sacrificing product quality? To get it all, just pick one of the finest performance testing companies from the list below. What is Performance Testing? The practice of examining how a system performs in terms

Agile Testing Life Cycle

Agile Testing Life Cycle Agile Testing Life Cycle Infographics with Impact Assessment, planning, Release Readiness, Daily Scrum, and review. Click here to get for more information about agile testing life cycle. Facebook Twitter Linkedin

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On-Demand Software Testing : Benefits and Work Process

Small startups to major behemoths like Microsoft, and Amazon is among the developers who create and release these apps. No matter how big or little the organization is, it must go through a testing process to ensure that the programs

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Why QA Consulting Services Are Necessary For Your Business?

Why Should Hire QA Consultants or QA Consulting Services? In this article, We will cover such things as why QA consulting services are necessary for your business. In the world of software testing, the competition is too fierce to handle,

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