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How to Download and Install Postman?

In this article, We will learn how to download and install postman. Postman is an API testing tool that is scalable and can be quickly integrated into the CI/CD pipeline. Abhinav Asthana started it in 2012 as a side project


What is Test Plan? – A Complete Guide

A test plan often lists the requirements, risks, test cases, testing environments, business and quality objectives, test timelines, and other things. What is a Test Plan? The strategy, goals, timetable, estimation, deliverables, and resources needed to carry out testing on


Test Documentation in Software Testing

Test Documentation is a document prepared by the QA team during or before the testing of software projects. Test document reflects the importance of the process for the customer, individual, and organization. What is Test documentation in Software Testing? Test


Jira Testing Tool – A Complete Tutorial

In this article, We will see the complete overview of the JIRA testing tool. What is JIRA? Australian company Atlassian developed the tool JIRA for tracking bugs, issues, and project management. The full form of JIRA is inherited from the


Regression Testing Vs Retesting

In this article, We will see the difference between regression testing and retesting. The concepts of regression testing and retesting are generally confused within the field of test automation. They sound similar and they have correlations too. The main difference


GUI Testing in Software Testing

GUI Testing is a type of software testing that checks the Graphical User Interface of the Software. The intention of Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing is to make sure the functionalities of software application work as per requirement specifications by

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