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6 Major testings we perform specifically while Android app testing

Android app testing is very important as bugs in your application can surely lead to poor customer reviews,
loss in revenue, loss in reputation and many others.

Network Testing

Our leading android application testing team conducts several runs of your application to ensure that it works efficiently with all the types of the network, be it 3G, 4G or WiFi.

Usability Testing

The usability of the android application is also tested for providing the users with easy navigation through the app and also enhance their experience of using the app without facing any issues.

Functional Testing

Our team at the trusted android application testing company, QACraft tests all the functions of the elements given on the app and check for the overall functionality of even under pressure and heavy traffic.

Device compatibility Testing

Our team at QACraft also checks for the compatibility of your android application with several devices to make sure that your application is all devices compatible.

Security Testing

Every user enjoys an app with enhanced security to safeguard their data and that is our team tests too. We carry out the tests to check upon the security level of the application.

Performance Testing

We also test the overall performance of the application under various conditions such as heavy traffic, multiple users from the same account and much more to keep the performance of the app up to the mark.

We increase your android app customers

By performing excellent android app testing, QAcraft helps clients to make their app easy to use, fast, user-friendly and stable which increase clients' overall revenue and customers.




We have an on-hand experience of testing travel-based android applications used for making bookings to help you serve better to your potential clients. All the testings are performed with a set of different devices and situations to test all the functionalities of the app.



At QACraft, we also test social media applications keeping all the vital parameters of the app in mind to deliver a first-class experience for the users and make the app more interactive.



We have proven testing strategies for banking and finance android application which help us to test it better.



We are experienced with medical, doctor and healthcare related android app testing.



Our team at QACraft also offers to test your gaming applications by using different types of consoles and other needed features of the app to make it user-engaging.

Retail App


We offer android app testing services for the retail-based application to enhance the shopping experience of your customers and help them have a convenient application for the same.

As Android apps have become a valuable tool to target more audience and boost sales, it is vital to have an application that is robust, engaging and works efficiently with maximum capacity. We at QACraft test all the essential parameters of your android app to ensure that the application is up to the standards and works well to serve the purpose. Our detailed report and several test reports have made us the number one choice in android app testing services in the USA. We have also helped many clients globally to test their android applications for a better business and an improved experience for all the users. Our team makes sure that the app works with high speed without any bugs delivering the topnotch user experience.


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