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We QACraft have very experienced testers who can set up test suites, test cases, test scenarios, browser settings, schedulers, etc on codeless automation tools. 

We have experience with codeless tools like Testsigma,, Blazemeter, katalon studio, and a few others.

We can always assist you in get better use of codeless automation tools.

We can also assist in setting up test projects, environment variables, runtime settings, report settings, locators setup, user management, browser configuration, CI Integration, Property Setup, Global test suite settings, and a lot more.

6 Major benefits of codeless automation

No Coding skill required

When its codeless automation, you don't need to know much about coding. All you need to know is how to write locators and business logic.

Much Faster

Codeless automation does not required coding, any framework setup etc so its very easy to start, automate your test scanarios and get the report.

Easy Access

As we use 3rd party available codeless tools, it has not specific dependency and can be access from anywhere without any installation or download.

Parallel Test Execution

Parallel test execution is really easy when you are using codeless automation tools. All you have to do is few checkbox select and your automation will run parallelly.

Minimal Dependency

Codeless automation does not need any software, tools installation dependency. Its very easy to start automating your required scenairos.

Detailed Test Reports

Codeless automation tools are using very good and easy to understand reporting interface where you can easily check what test case pass/fail after test execution.

Our recent experience with codeless automation tools

Testsigma logoAI-Driven Test Automation

Test Sigma

We have an on-hand experience of testing travel-based applications used for making bookings to help you serve better to your potential clients. All the testing are performed with a set of different devices and situations to test all the functionalities of the app.

Social Application

At QACraft, we also build automation test frameworks for social media applications keeping all the vital parameters of the app in mind to deliver a first-class experience for the users and make the app more interactive.

Finance Application

We have proven testing strategies and automation setup for banking and finance android application which help us to test it better. It also includes automation of payment transfer, Debit, Credit, Customer accounts, funds and lot more.


Healthcare Application

We are experienced with pharmaceutical, medical, doctor and healthcare related web and mobile application automation testing.

Game Testing

Our team at QACraft also offers to test your gaming mobile applications by using different types of automation and other needed features of the app to make it user-engaging.

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Retail App Testing

We offer automation testing services for the retail-based application to enhance the shopping experience of your customers and help them have a convenient application for the same.

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