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QACraft has tested more than 20 mobile apps which includes different types of testing on different mobile devices, tabs and ipads.


Our Mobile app. testing process

We collect and understand client requirements for testing to test their mobile. app. This is the phase where we also build test plan once we understood all the requirements.

Write Test cases

Once requirements are clear and we got mobile app access, We start to write detailed test cases and cover all the possible positive and negative scenarios.

Testing mobile app.

Once test cases are written, we start actual testing of mobile app. based on test cases. We also prepare bug reports while performing testing of mobile apps.

Bug Report Submission

E-learning applications and websites are the best media nowadays to deliver educational content to students, teachers, and other audiences. We test all types of E-learning websites and mobile apps.

Build Automation framework for mobile app.

While the client's development team is busy fixing bugs, We write an automation test framework for mobile app. to make regression testing fast, reliable and robust. This automation will verify all the bugs.

Continue Integration for Client

In Continues integration we keep integrating new test cases and framework also execute new test cases on regular basis. We use some popular CI tools, i.e Jenkins, Azure Pipeline, Bamboo, etc.

Mobile App Automation

Android App Automation is the process of automating the testing and execution of Android applications. With the rise of mobile devices, the need for testing and automation has become increasingly important. Automating the testing of Android applications not only speeds up the testing process but also increases the efficiency of the development cycle.

iOS app automation is the process of automating the testing of iOS applications using specialized tools and frameworks. This is done to ensure the quality and performance of the app, and to streamline the development process by reducing the amount of manual testing that needs to be done.

Android App Automation
iOS App Automation
mobile application testing services

Why choose our Mobile Testing Services?

If there is one powerful machine that has the ultimate force to drive more traffic and audience for your business, then it has to be a smartphone. The companies gained up a lot of pace since the introduction of mobile apps for providing services or selling products.

A consumer likes to use an app that is responsive, robust, and interactive. We at QACraft are proud to be ranked as the leading mobile application testing company in the USA. Our elite team can test all types of apps right from native to hybrid and web-based applications. We have specialized teams for both android and iOS applications to provide you with a detailed report and effective strategies to improve your mobile app.

Our team customizes the testing plan for your mobile application depending upon the type of your business. It conducts several test trials to examine usability, accuracy, responsiveness, loading capacity, and other parameters. The team pays attention to all the minute details that can change your app’s overall performance. With our in-depth review and correction strategies, you can provide your users with the apps with topnotch user experience and accelerate your company’s growth.

We are also providing services to automate android mobile app testing and ios mobile app testing.


    defect finding

Your mobile app. is your business online presence. By our testing techniques we find bugs in your mobile apps. before your customer face any error or bug.

large scale testing

We follow modern mobile and web automation tools and technologies to build modern testing automation framework. At QACraft we design robust, easy to manage and scalable automation frameworks.

network testing

We love concept of 100% automation. It means once we put automation framework into place to test your mobile or web application, it won’t require any manual intervention and efforts to test your use cases.


security checkup

At QACraft, we make sure your data within mobile app is secure, fast, and reliable. User data should be restricted to public access and it is important that your mobile app should not have any backdoor and it secure all information.


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