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Leading E-Learning Software Testing Services

Education is the best thing to empower any person, and in this era of digitalization, E-learning is a medium where people can learn from anywhere. On such E-learning applications or E-Learning website platforms, the students, learners, and tutors can learn, teach and discuss with each other and grow their educational and personal skills.

For an e-learning application, information pages are not enough. It also needs to be quite simple to navigate, have detailed instructions, have good UI, be compatible with all browsers and operating systems, and be mobile-friendly. And for this all, an e-learning application needs to be tested precisely to assure its excellent functioning.

We at QACraft have understood this domain, worked with many leading e-learning providers, and helped them with their needs. The understanding and continuous analysis in E-learning Application Testing assist our professionals in helping our customers. We test each eLearning application individually for the possible threats and expected functionality. Our e-learning domain testing process aims to satisfy end-user requirements.

Why Choose QACraft for E-Learning Application Testing Services?

E-learning software testing is not as easy as it looks. Although it requires testing eLearning applications at the development phase become tough as there is
an increasing number of devices, content, and digitalization. And it is also important to assure a bug-free application to meet end-user requirements. On the
other hand, E-learning domain testing lowers risk since money and manpower are used in making applications like these.

QACraft delivers a complete range of E-learning software testing to organizations, schools, universities, training centers, etc. Our expert team has wide experience in e-learning testing over the years. Our procedure is planned to offer convenient and advanced eLearning applications without bugs or errors.

Our e-learning domain testing services assist customers in managing challenges in performance control, administration procedures, educational research, etc. Our E-learning Application Testing expert offers all solutions required to eliminate all the vulnerabilities in the application and assist you in enhancing your learning platform to offer the best educational services. Our expert team has abundant experience in Manual and eLearning automation testing with the latest tools and techniques. That’s why you need to contact QACraft now to have quality services in your time.

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performance testing


We do performance testing of your E-learning platform to find out how it loads when there are thousands of students online and watching different courses.

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secure payment gateways

At QACraft, we focus on providing secure payment methods to protect your potential customers’ details and keep them safe from fraudulent activities that are common with unsecured forms.

reports and solutions

At QACraft, we always make sure to give you a full report on the issues we find while testing your website. Along with this, we also provide a range of troubleshooting solutions to optimize your Healthcare website.

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