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Why QACraft Banking Application Testing Services?

For each software, its testing has a set of principles and criteria for all industries. But some industries need additional dedication, responsibility, and focus for security purposes, just like banking sectors.

Banks must ensure that they can deliver their clients more personalized assistance and other value-additions. Thus, any financial error at any phase in the transactional banking process could be essential to the customer and the Bank’s reputation. Banking applications are extremely complicated, and they ought to integrate with new transformations maintaining the digital transformation.

QACraft is an independent and trusted Banking Domain Testing Services company offering various customer solutions that produce value for the banking industry. Our banking domain application testing professionals understand the banking application’s complexity, so our well-defined and verified framework-based models provide a step-by-step testing strategy with automated solutions to offer robust quality. In addition, our completely qualified banking domain application testing team will assure that you can use your application or software without any errors or bugs.

And that’s why you need our expert banking application automation testing team for your banking app.

What You Get From QACraft Banking Domain Testing Services

  • A professional team with vast experience in testing applications, websites, or software of the banking domain
  • Offer both manual testing as well as banking application automation testing as per requirements
  • Analyze complete usability and each feature of the application
  • Provide precise tracking reports of testing including each and everything
  • Client support and regular communication with them during the project testing to inform our client of our project status
  • Different packages and plans to select as per your needs
  • Do not need to hire a team as you can hire testers as per requirements.

 Types of Banking & Finance Testing Services QACraft Offers

  • Functional Testing
  • Database Testing & Data Integrity
  • Performance testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Compatibility / Usability testing
  • DWH Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing
  • Workflows and business requirements testing
Non-functional testing services in india


card and payment

We test payment transactions, Payment gateways, and Payment APIs to make sure its accurate and have not failed. 

banking testing

Testing frequent upgrades and changes are the most important factors for banking and we do that. We also test retail and corporate banking applications.


At QACraft, we also focus on load and stress testing, We measure banking applications with a load of thousand of users concurrently. We generate load-testing reports and analyze them.

reports and solutions

At QACraft, we always make sure to give you a full report on the issues we find while testing your website. Along with this, we also provide a range of troubleshooting solutions to optimize your Banking website.

fast loading time

Our team of experts performs various tests to ensure that the website loads faster and provides an improved user experience. We pay special attention to reducing the loading time, navigation, and user experience.

increased roi

A fast-loading website works ten times better than a cumbersome website. It helps you engage your customers, which in turn increases your sales and ROI. We use a range of e-commerce testing solutions to ensure that the website performance is up to the mark.

secure payment gateways


At QACraft, we focus on providing secure payment methods to protect your potential customers’ details and keep them safe from fraudulent activities that are common with unsecured forms.

reports and solutions


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