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QACraft believes in crafting an amazing experience for all users. Our team of application testers helps in analyzing every aspect of your iOS app to improve the overall performance. Our iOS application testing services are highly appreciated due to our strategic plans for testing and covering every parameter that is crucial for an app to run smoothly. Our team works with you closely to help you make your app more user-friendly and free of all errors. Right from checking the compatibility to the app loading time, our team provides you with a detailed review of the app along with the highlighted issue to help you and your business eliminate the lacking factors and make your app more functional.

We know the importance of iOS application testing


App Crashing

As users do not like to use the apps that crash or lag we at QACraft run several tests to ensure the functioning of the application and avoid the issues of the app crashing that can negatively impact your clients.

App Incompatibility

Our team of experts uses a range of different devices to test the applications for checking the application’s compatibility with various devices and ensure its proper functioning.

Security Testing

Every user wants to use apps that keep their data safe and secure. QACraft also firmly believes in testing the applications for the parameter of security to safeguard all the data of users.

Memory Leak

As coding plays a vital role in the app development and function, our expert team of app testers checks for all the details to prevent memory leak as it may crash the app if not taken care of.

Network Testing

An ideal application is the one that works fine with all types of the network, be it 3G, 4G or WiFi. For testing this parameter, our experts use the application with different networks and give you detailed feedback regarding the same.

Usability Testing

We test all the iOS applications for the usability to right from the graphics, product-related information to navigation our team assesses every detail to make the User interface more functional and engaging.

Benefits of iOS application testing with QACraft

Prevent Defects

A stringent quality check process followed by our team assists your team in finding the underlying problems and fixing the issues beforehand. Getting your app tested also aids in preventing potential defects that can arise once the app is installed.

Build Confidence

QACraft is a trusted name when it comes to iOS app testing as conduct manual testing trials for the applications to find the errors and highlight the issues while using the app.

Increase Quality

All the applications are tested and rated for their performance by our expert team. An app’s performance is tested under several conditions to ensure that it performs well, even under heavy traffic.

Requirement Fulfill

At QACraft, we understand the specific requirements of your business and check if the app is up to the mark for the same. Our team makes a list of factors and tests your apps to make sure that you are providing the customers with an ideal app.

Increase Customers

An application with all the needed elements and proper functionality will help in increasing the target audience due to the positive word of mouth, feedbacks and ratings.

Reduce Risk of Failure

Testing an application for various parameters helps in preventing potential issues, which can also reduce the risk of failure when it comes to application performance.

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