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QACraft takes pride in being one of the trusted providers for website testing services in the USA, India, and Worldwide. We have several clients across the world by testing their website and checking a number of parameters that determine the performance and user experience of the site. Our team of experts help in going through all the vital factors and prepare a detailed report. The team lists down all the key parameters, the performance of your app in all such fields, and errors if found any. Our team also helps you and your staff resolve the issues and make your website more engaging and stable. All our clients have seen a rise in their sales after getting their app tested, as our team is determined to make your website better and fully functional.

We cover all major website testing

Functional Testing

Our team conducts several tests to ensure the complete functionality of your website. As functional requirements are different for every business, our experts consider all the factors for function testing of your website.

Usability Testing

Being one of the leading companies in Website testing services in the USA, our company tests for multiple factors that determine the usability of your website right from the navigation to end-user experience to give you a detailed report.

Performance Testing

The expert team at QACraft tests and rates the overall performance of your website that can help you in improving the lacking points and thus enhancing the user experience along with a quick boost to your sales.

Security Testing

Users always prefer using a website that is safe and secure to protect their privacy as well as their personal data. Our technicians run several security tests to check for the errors so that you can provide your customers with a 100% secure website.

Database Testing

It matters how your database is designed, how tables are structured, and the relation between tables in the database. At large scale, poor database design slows your website data queries and performance.

Compatibility Testing

We test your website by using a number of devices such as smartphones, PCs, tablets and smartphones to check the compatibility of the website with all of them. As many people like viewing a website on their phone, it is vital to have a website that is all devices compatible.

We have expertise on different domains testing

E-commerce Testing

We perform website testing for all kind of E-commerce including Magento, Shopify,Woocommerce and lot more with payment gateways.

Healthcare Testing

It is essential to have a website that is designed as per the needs and criteria of the users when it comes to healthcare. Our specialized team tests all the sites designed for this sector to ensure that the website works up to the mark.

Finance & Banking Testing

Testing plays an important role in banking and finance websites. We have a specific test plan and strategies designed for banking applications to make it more secure and robust.

Travel Testing

Our experienced and expert team helps you with testing the travel related websites to ensure the proper functioning of the site under heavy traffic and making the customer experience smooth and hassle free.

Game Testing

At QACraft, we have a dedicated team and range of devices to test the gaming websites. As such websites are heavy and can take time to load, our team gives you a detailed report to avoid bugs and potential lagging of the site.

E-Learning Testing

As E-learning websites are blooming due to digitalization, we at QACraft also offer to test the sites made for such digital learning. We analyze every aspect of the website to help you make the site that is user-engaging and robust.

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