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Regression testing is a type of black-box testing technique. It is used to verify that code changes in the software application done by the developer do not impact the already working functionality of the application. Regression testing makes sure that the application works fine after the code changes or bug fixes, or any other change in existing functionality. In this testing test cases are re-executed to check the already working functionality of the application is working fine, and the changes do not affect existing functionality.

What is Regression testing?

It is defined as a type of software testing to confirm that a recent program or code change has not contrarily affected existing working features. Regression testing makes sure the existing functionality works fine after the bug fix in the application.

Need for Regression Testing

The need for regression testing mainly comes when there are requirement changes or there is any defect in existing working functionality, in such cases, we have to test whether the modified code affects the other functionality and after the code changes the functionality works fine or It may be needed when we add new functionality in the application.

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How to do Regression Testing?

In order to do the Regression Testing, First, we need to identify the bug in the code, and then perform debugging. once the bug is identified and fixed by the developer team, then we have to start the regression testing by selecting the relevant test case from the test suite that covers both affected and modified functionality of the application because of the defect fixed by developers.

How to select Testcases for Regression Testing?

The need for regression testing comes when there is a bug in existing functionality that may affect the already working functionality of an application, then we will perform a regression test on that functionality to check that every functionality is working as expected after fixing a bug or defect. We can select a test case to perform Regression testing by following:

  • Test cases that have frequent defects
  • Functionalities that are clearly visible to the users
  • Test cases that verify the core functionality of an application
  • Test cases of Functionalities that have undergone a more recent change
  • Integration Test Cases
  • Test cases that are complex
  • Any Test cases which have boundary value analysis
  • Failed Testcase

Regression Testing Tools

1) Selenium

Selenium is widely used for regression testing, it’s open-source, and is used to test web-based applications. selenium is used for UI-level regression testing.

2) Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is an all-in-one regression testing tool for different types of applications, for example, it is used for desktop, web, and mobile apps with an inbuilt Selenium Web Driver.

3) QTP

QTP is known as Quick Test Professional used for functional regression testing and it’s a data-driven and keyword-based tool. It uses VBScript for writing test scripts. It is also known as the record and play and stop tool, where we can execute our regression test case.

4) Eggplant

It is one of the most important regressions testing tools which prioritizes test cases and minimizes the test management.


Regression Testing is one of the most important aspects as it helps to deliver a quality product which saves organizations time and money. It helps to improve the quality of the application by executing regression test cases. Regression testing becomes important if the organization wants to deliver high-quality and robust applications where users could be loyal. For automating the regression test cases, there are different automation tools available nowadays. A regression testing tool should have the ability to automatically update the test suite based on the regression test case.

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