How to handle failure in Katalon Studio

If you are a Katalon Studio user, knowing how to deal with failure and move forward is essential. It is very easy to write and run scripts in Katalon Studio. In this post, we will discuss the best points for dealing with loss in Katalon Studio, and how to use it. if you’re a beginner or a more experienced Katalon Studio user, these points will help you to make the most of the testing process easy. 

Benefits of Overcoming Failure in Katalon Studio 

Failure happens in any learning process, and it has particular significance in the Katalon Studio for automation testing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, encountering failure is inevitable when working with software tools. so, it is normal to understand the importance of overcoming these failures and using them as stepping stones towards proficiency and success. 

  1. Learning Opportunities: By researching the reasons behind a failure, we gain details of the tool’s capabilities, and its limitations, and get an idea about best practices for its usage. Each failure provides a chance to refine your skills and, make you a more knowledgeable user of Katalon Studio.
  1.  Continuous Improvement: failure is an opportunity for improvement, growth, and development. By finding and understanding the reasons behind a failure, we can improve testing strategies, identify areas for improvement, and change the overall quality of automation testing. 
  1. Efficient Troubleshooting: Overcoming failure in Katalon Studio is the ability to efficiently troubleshoot and diagnose issues in your automation testing. By developing a problem-solving mindset, you can identify the root causes of failures, implement effective solutions, and avoid similar issues in the future. This troubleshooting skill is all-important in ensuring the smooth execution of automated testing and minimizing the testing process.

What do you mean by Failure Handling in Katalon? 

Failure handling settings allow users to choose whether Katalon Studio will continue running or will stop running when errors occur during execution. 

Currently, Katalon Studio allows the following failure-handling options: 



Stop on Failure 


Katalon Studio will stop its execution when any error occurs. 

The step which has errors will show with Failed status. 

Continue on Failure 

Katalon Studio will continue running if any error occurs during its execution. 

The step that has errors will show with Failed status. (it is optional) 


Katalon Studio will continue running if any error occurs during its execution. 


Default failure handling behavior is shown below:- 

Using these steps default behavior for failure is handled to the whole project: 

  1. The path is- Katalon Studio menu,  
  2. Project > Settings > Test Design > Test Case.

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3. Select the option from the drop-down and Click on OK when you’re done. 

An option that is selected will be displayed on new test steps only

Override failure handling behavior 

The default failure handling behavior can be done in two ways:- 

Manual view and Scripting view 

In Manual View:- 

  1. Right-click on the item(step) that needs to be changed in the failure handling behavior and select the failure option.

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2. Then select the failure handling option and click on save to save your test case. 

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In Scripting View 

There are built-in keywords in Katalon Studio, where we can add Failure Handling as the last parameter as shown in the below figure. When editing a keyword in Scripting mode, use any of these options to specify its behavior. 


For example: 



Using the above points, it gets very easy to overcome failure handling in Katalon studio. 

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