Tese case vs test script

What is a Test case?
A Test case is a document that contains various sets of data, conditions to be performed, and the expected result for the particular condition. Preparation of a test case is a document that consists of precondition, test data, expected result, and pet condition.

The test case is a document that contains all possible input, and navigation steps that are used for the test execution process. Test case we need to write only one time and we can execute it multiple times. In the Test case, there are 2 scenarios, positive test cases and negative test cases.

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Test case parameters are as below.

  1. Test case Id.
  2. Test Scenario
  3. Test case description
  4. Test steps
  5. Prerequisite
  6. Test Data
  7. Expected result
  8. Test parameter
  9. Actual result
  10. Environment information

Example of test case :

NumberScenarioTest StepExpected resultActual result
1Verify that the input field can accept only alphabet characters.Log in to the application and enter alphabet characters.The application should be able to accept alphabet characters.The application accepts alphabet characters.
2Verify that the input field cannot accept the numeric character.Log in to the application and enter the numeric character.The application should be able to accept the numeric character.The application does not accept the numeric character.

What is a test script?
A test script is a line of code written in a programming language. In other words, it is a bunch of instructions to test.
There are 3 different ways to create a test script:

  1. Record and Playback.
  2. Keyword and data-driven scripting.
  3. Writing code using the programming language.

Tips for creating test scripts

  1. Clear: The test script should be clear and easily understandable. It helps to save time and effort for the QA team.
  2. Simple: The test script should be simple so that the testing team can do work in a simple sequential manner. If the testing script is simple then the tester cannot skip or miss any function of testing.
  3. Well-thought-out: For creating a test script, the user needs to think like the end user to make sure which path to test. Users should be able to predict the possibility of end-user usage of the application.
NumberTest PlanTest Script
1Test plan prepared by SRS(Software Requirement Specification)It is a bunch of instructions to test the application.
2Test plan prepared for manual testing.Test scripts are prepared for automation script execution.
3Test plan prepared by manager or test lead.Test script prepared and used by the automation test engineer.
4The test plan has the following components:
Test plan ID features to be tested, test techniques, testing tasks, features pass or fail criteria, test deliverables, responsibilities, and schedule.
A test Script is a block of code written in a programming language to execute applications with the actual results.
5It is prepared in the form of a tabular format document.It is done in scripting format.
6One pre-defined format a user needs to follow.For creating a test script we can use a different- different commands.
7Test plan prepared at the project level.It is prepared for different – different functionalities.
8The test plan needs to be updated according to requirement changes or feature changes.Test scripts can be run many times until the requirement is changed.
9It consists of how to test when to test, who will test, and what to test.It consists of sequential instructions to execute any specific functionality.
10A test Plan is a single document for a project.There are many test scripts in a single project.

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Benefits of the Test Plan

  1. It is an immediate guide for the testing process.
  2. Using the test plan developer team can understand out-of-scope functionality.
  3. It gives an estimate of time, cost, and effort.
  4. Help to prepare a schedule for testing activities.
  5. It helps to guide about resource requirements and equipment.
  6. It can be used for another project with the exact requirements.
  7. It is helpful to prepare good quality software.


Test plan, Test Script, and Test case are core features of the testing procedure. Without this documented testing procedure random testing can be done which is known as Adhoc testing. Adhoc testing cannot give good quality results of testing. So it is good to use a documented testing procedure to have the expected result.

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