Organizations are continuously leveling up to make sure they have speed and quality going together while releasing new features or products ideally. This is why automation testing in agile has been a way to deepen the go-to-market without losing out on quality metrics. However, automation testing alone will not give you all improvement required to raise your test acceleration. You have to also excellent in executing and understanding test execution manually.

What is Testing Cycle?

Testing Cycle is known as also software testing life cycle (STLC). STLC is defined as a series of activities conducted to perform software testing, and we can say it is a step-by-step or standard procedure for testing the software is known as STLC.

Here are the steps follow in STLC: STLC - Software Testing Life Cycle

10 Ways to speed up your testing cycle

Here are the top ten ways to speed up your testing cycles:

  1.  Advantage database calls as much as possible 

A majority of the automated tests create test data over browsers. Alternatively,  You create data directly in the database, Which would decrease the time. Database calls, in general, is pretty efficient in term of cost and time.

  1. Accomplish cross-browser testing to speed up testing 

The scope of cross-browser testing is too big.  You get hundreds of browsers and OS compounds that you need to include in your test script, plus there are scores of new devices, and browser updates are being rolled out monthly. So, you need to prepare a proper cross-browser testing strategy sooner to ensure the devices and browsers you will test simultaneously.

  1. Upgrade CI/CD build execution

Most of the time during testing gets wasted waiting for a module, it is time to switch your testing strategy. Putting special CI/CD tools can help save a lot of time alternative to going the popular way. As well, the scope of the test cases also chooses the time required. The goals must be clear, brief, and transparent. One of the benefits of automation testing, no doubt, is increasing the testing speed highly, but automating the wrong stuff can fail.

  1. Confirm developers are performing Unit Testing

Unit testing is a crucial part of a release. If it is done perfectly, the QA team might have fewer bugs to report.

  1.  Advantages of parallel testing

Performing each test one after the other continuously, and executing two or more test cases together can help you finish the task earlier. There is no against the fact that automation helps you test more parts of your software faster.

  1. Stay prepared with the excellent test automation practices 

While putting the software through different test cases, preparing your test cases may not be one of your preferences. It may be the last thing on your mind, but it saves time. It makes the process much easy for you.

Boost Customer Satisfaction, Find out Hidden Bugs In Your Software
  1. Apply an advanced approach

Using an advanced approach for the test environment helps you create a complete test suite of manual and automated tests, which are approximately smoother to manage. Even so often, when defects are detected, these suites make it smoother for the engineer to analyze failure. Besides, it is possible to reuse the advanced tests, saving the quality assurance team a lot of time spent rewriting the tests.

  1. Communication is compulsory

For testing software, Communication is the most important thing to a test engineer, For giving better quality, follow a better strategy. it will happen when we discuss requirements with our team.

  1. Every time confirm that, Using the right tool for testing

Heedless on the type of testing you’re performing, having the right store of testing tools will make the job smoother. Ably using all the tools to manage your test cycle at your end can be one of the most important tester skills. Investing in the right open-source frameworks or automation testing tools can make life as a quality assurance person much smoother.

  1.  Discover the correct team support

It’s technically impossible for a test engineer to test a large project alone. He might be missed some scenarios and test cases. So you have to make a good team for testing/automating a large project.


These were some tips about speeding up the test cycle. Balancing speed and quality is an important thing in testing. If you missed a single scenario, it will affect your project quality. Whenever you got a new build that starts from smoke testing and never forgot to do regression testing as well during that time you find a bug immediately report that without wasting time.

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