Best in class desktop application testing services for all and one

We test all types of desktop applications to ensure that the apps are robust, user-friendly, and interactive.

We know the importance of desktop application testing

Desktop application testing is equally important as website testing. It has to be tested with a different point of view and strategies. QACraft team knows it very well like how to make the desktop application better by testing.

Usability Testing

Our team of experts carries out several test runs for testing the overall usability of any desktop application right from the navigation of the app to front end usability to enhance the application experience for your customers.


Installation Testing

As it is essential for any application to have a smooth installation process, we at QACraft conduct desktop app testing from top to bottom to check all the factors and installation process for your apps.


Functional Testing

Consumers like to engage with the apps that are functional and convenient to use, our team at QACraft checks the functionality of your app to ensure the desired results when it comes to user experience and functions of the application.


Compatibility Testing

We check for the compatibility of your desktop applications for all the operating systems to avoid compatibility issues, lagging of the app and a better experience for all your users.


UI Testing

An interactive User interface helps in crafting an amazing user experience. At QACraft, we also pay attention to the User Interface and test its overall functionality and ease of use to ensure the apps are up to the mark.


User Acceptance Testing

We make sure that the application is built as per the requirements and vital elements to ensure the optimum use of the desktop application for the users.

Best Desktop Application Testing Provider

QACraft has been working closely with several clients across the globe to test the website, desktop applications, software, and much more. Our supreme quality results have made us one of the top-rated desktop application testing services company in the USA. Right from testing the usability of all the applications to seeing the performance of the application under pressure, our team conducts several tests. The tests also include the behavior of an app under different and unusual situations to ensure the functioning of it. As we have an expert team with us, they help you to determine the issues and the errors that we need to fix for better and consistent performance.

desktop application testing services

Popular errors we mostly find while desktop application testing

Based on our years of experience in desktop application testing services, We would like to share the most common mistakes developers do and bugs we find.

Installation Error

It is usual to face errors while installing desktop applications and hence our expert team tests all the apps with different operating systems to ensure an error-free installation for all your applications.

Resolution Change

The applications also show an uncertain lagging or change due to the resolution change of the desktop, at QACraft we also run several tests to ensure that apps work efficiently no matter what the resolution is.

Parallel Testing

An application can crash and stop working when multiple users are using it or if there is heavy load due to traffic, but don’t worry, we have got you all covered for this too.

Memory Usage

The most commonly heard complaint is that an application may acquire much memory on your desktop, which hinders the other process and slows down the system.

Error Messages

Some desktop application error messages are not user-friendly and hard to understand for the end user.

Upgrade Downgrade

The applications tend to show some changes or slow down after upgrading it or even downgrading. This can make the applications function slower than usual.