Best 10 Ways To Speed Up Your Testing Cycle

Organizations are continuously leveling up to make sure they have speed and quality going together while releasing new features or products ideally. This is why automation testing in agile has been a way to deepen the go-to-market without losing out


Difference between Bug and Defect

In this article, We will learn the difference between bug and defect, What is a bug, defect, error, and failure. In general, we use these terms in software testing whenever the system or application acts abnormally, sometimes we call it


TestNG in Selenium – A Brief Guide

TestNG in Selenium is a testing framework for the Java programming language, where NG stands for “Next Generation”. It was developed by Cedric Beust. It’s inspired by JUnit and NUnit but this framework introduced some new functionalities that make it

Types of Test Cases in Software Testing

Introduction: Types of Test Cases in Software Testing Type of test cases is used to differentiate the usage of test cases at each stage in the testing life cycle. discover which type of test case to use for which purpose,

How Does Automation Testing Work?

How Does Automation Testing Work? Achieving success in test automation needs attention in planning and design work. There are some steps to follow in any automation procedure. Test tool Selection First, you need to define the target of automation and

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