use of chatgpt in QA

The Role of ChatGPT in Software Testing: Enhancing Productivity and Quality

A ground-breaking revolution is in progress, propelled by the arrival of generative technologies like AI and ML. Leading the forefront of this revolution is ChatGPT, an advanced and exceptionally sophisticated AI language model that boasts remarkable capabilities. From creating code


What is Retesting?

What is Retesting?  Retesting is a software testing technique that involves executing test cases again for a software application or system after defects have been fixed or changes have been made to ensure that the defects have been resolved and

Desktop Application Testing vs Web Application Testing
functional testing

What is Functional Testing? 

What is functional testing?  Functional testing is a critical component of software testing that helps ensure that an application or system performs a specific function as intended. It’s a process of verifying and validating the software against its functional requirements,

static testing

What is Static Testing?

Static Testing It is a type of testing that can be done without executing software application code. Static testing is a very initial stage of testing which is very easy and less time-consuming as compared to dynamic testing. But we

QA Analyst

How to Become a Good QA Analyst?

To be a successful QA analyst, there are 7 essential steps that you must take. They are:  1. Get an education in computer science or a related field.  2. Get experience in software development and/or testing.  3. Be familiar with the software development

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