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Mobile Testing Trends in 2023 

There are many options for mobile testing, but few are widely used and beneficial. so we will explore them. AI-Powered Test Automation Nowadays, mobile applications are widely used in the market. To operate day-to-day tasks like paying electricity bills or

Top 7 Android Testing Frameworks

7 Android Testing Frameworks you Need to Know About in 2024

Why Android? Android is king in the constantly changing mobile market. It should come as no surprise that testers and developers alike choose this stable platform given its incredible 71% market share in India alone.  But to guarantee a seamless

mobile testing strategy

Mobile Testing Strategy: All You Need to Know

What is Mobile Testing? Testing a versatile application for usefulness, ease of use, and consistency before discharge is known as portable application testing. Effective versatile application testing guarantees and affirms the application’s ability to fulfill the expected business and specialized

Mobile App Testing vs Web App Testing

Mobile App Testing vs Web App Testing

Introduction: To succeed in this fast-paced technological world, businesses must maximize their visibility. Businesses must provide excellent software platforms for their customers to interact on the web and mobile devices because their target audience is on the web and mobile

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Best Mobile App Testing Tools

Introduction: Mobile App Testing Tools The mobile testing strategy contemplates the use of diversified modern tools. There are many tools that can be used nowadays for mobile app testing tools that you can avail of for implementing your mobile app

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Best Mobile App Testing Companies in India

Top 21 Mobile App Testing Companies in India In this era, mobile applications have become the fastest-growing business. Everyone is enslaved to their convenient cell phones, which provide limitless data with a single finger tap. The process of testing a

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