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Top 21 Mobile App Testing Companies in India

In this era, mobile applications have become the fastest-growing business. Everyone is enslaved to their convenient cell phones, which provide limitless data with a single finger tap. The process of testing a built mobile app for its usefulness, convenience of use, and adaptability is known as mobile application testing.

Mobile app testing is usually done after the app has been developed, although it is also done in the middle. People quickly switch to alternatives if mobile apps crash or have poor UI and functionality.

The process of testing mobile apps for functionality, usability, and consistency is known as mobile testing. Mobile Testing can be done both manually as well as with automation.

In today’s increasingly digital world, hiring a software and QA testing company is a must for both testing and improving the services your organization provides.

So, if you’re looking for mobile app testers, here’s a list of the top 21 Mobile App Testing Companies in India that have built a name in international ventures and companies.

Are you looking for mobile app testing companies or mobile app testers in India? The list of mobile application testing companies is as below:

Top-rated Mobile App Testing Companies / Service Providers

  1. QACraft
  2. Testbytes
  3. Techasoft
  4. KiwiQA
  5. Cigniti
  6. Performance Lab
  7. Testvox
  8. Qualitest
  9. Crestech
  10. ClicQA
  11. Qainfotech
  12. TestingXperts
  13. ImpactQA
  14. QASource
  15. ThinkSys
  16. Testmatick
  17. TestScenario
  18. Testrig
  19. A1QA
  20. Galaxy Weblinks Inc.
  21. Indium Software

Read in the brief about mobile app testing companies or service providers in India.

  1. QACraft

Website: http://qacraft.com

Location: Vadodara, India

QACraft is a software testing and QA services company located in Vadodara, India. Their team of expert QA Engineers has excellent knowledge of Mobile App Testing, Android testing, iOS testing, mobile test automation, Functional Testing, Web app Testing, and many more.

QACraft is honored to be named the best mobile app testing business in India. They provide Mobile App Testing Services for all kinds of applications on different devices like mobile phones, iPad, and tablets.

Depending on the nature of your business, team QACraft customizes a testing strategy for your mobile app. It runs a series of tests to assess usability, accuracy, responsiveness, loading capacity, and other factors. QA Engineers of QACraft pay close attention to all the small elements that can affect the overall functionality of your app.

QACraft’s Mobile Testing Services:

  • Mobile App Performance Testing
  • Mobile App Functional Testing
  • Mobile App User Experience Testing
  • Mobile Test Automation
  • Mobile Localization Testing
  • Mobile App Compatibility Testing
  1. TestBytes

Website: https://www.testbytes.net/

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Testbytes is a group of software testers dedicated to providing the best mobile app testing services to their clients. They are a firm located in Pune, Maharashtra. CMMI, ISO, and Agile best testing methodologies are used in the company’s testing strategies and processes.

  1. TechaSoft

Website: https://www.techasoft.com/

Location: Bangalore, India

At TechaSoft, They assist with software testing having branch offices in Patna (Bihar) and Hyderabad. TechaSoft offers software testing, security testing, performance testing, and many more. They provide black box testing as well as white box testing services.

app crashes

  1. KiwiQA

Website: https://www.kiwiqa.com/

Location: Ahmedabad, India

KiwiQA offers world-class mobile application testing services. KiwiQA’s mobile app testing services help their clients to develop high-quality mobile apps at a low cost and faster time to market.

  1. Cigniti

Website: https://www.cigniti.com/

Location: Ahmedabad, India

Cigniti is a leading QA and software testing company in India. Cigniti’s mobile testing experts have vast expertise in testing native, web, and hybrid mobile apps, and they keep themselves up to date on the latest techniques, mind maps, and checklists depending on platform updates.

  1. Performance Lab

Website: https://performancelabus.com/

Location: CA, USA

Performance Lab is the leading mobile application testing company. They will test your apps and websites on real devices like android phones, iOS phones, Windows phones, and more.

  1. Testvox

Website: https://testvox.com/

Location: Bangalore, India

Testvox is a mobile app testing company located in Bangalore, India. They have their other office location in Kozhikode, India. Testvox offers QA testing services like Functional testing, App Testing, Automation Testing, Manual Testing, and many more.

  1. Qualitest

Website: https://qualitestgroup.com/

Location: Bangalore, India

Qualitest is a leading software testing and mobile app testing company headquartered in Bangalore, India. Their other global locations are Bridgewater (NJ), Greensboro(NC), San Diego (CA), Farmington Hills (MI), Chicago (IL), Buenos Aires (Argentina), London, Belfast, Preston, Bucharest, Bristol, and more.

  1. CresTech

Website: https://www.crestechglobal.com/

Location: Bangalore, India

Founded in 2005, Crestech is a software testing company located in Bangalore, India. Mobile testing services and solutions are provided by an application testing firm with 300+ consultants and a global presence in India (Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon), the United States, and Australia.

  1. ClicQA

Website: https://www.clicqa.com/

Location: Hyderabad, India

ClicQA is an independent software testing firm whose major goal is to provide quality assurance to clients all over the world through a variety of software testing services.

  1. Qainfotech

Website: https://www.clicqa.com/

Location: Noida, India

QAInfotech offers software testing as well as mobile app testing services worldwide. They also test native, web, and hybrid mobile apps, as well as using an optimized mobile test automation technology that allows for a single test suite on the mobile.

  1. TestingXperts

Website: https://www.testingxperts.com/

Location: USA

Testingxperts has vast experience in mobile testing services as well as QA and automation testing services. Their Mobile Testing Lab contains over 250 physical and infinite cloud-based devices from prominent brands, as well as the option to test on 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. They have their other global locations in the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, and South Africa.

  1. ImpactQA

Website: https://www.impactqa.com/

Location: USA

ImpactQA is a software testing service provider located in New York, USA. ImpactQA is providing high-quality mobile application testing services that include 100% physical device coverage. They test all forms of online, native, and hybrid mobile applications, both functionally and non-functionally.

  1. QASource

Website: https://www.impactqa.com/

Location: USA

QASource offers a full range of mobile testing services like Performance Testing, Functionality Testing, Requirements Testing, Sound/Vibration Testing, User Interface Testing, Interruption Testing, Over-the-air (OTA) Testing, VR/AR App Testing, Accessibility Testing, Compatibility Testing, and more.

  1. ThinkSys

Website: https://www.thinksys.com/

Location: California, USA

Thinksys provides end-to-end software testing as well as mobile app testing services around the globe. They provide mobile automation testing services with the best tools available, including Robotium, Calabash, Appium, Selendroid, Monkeytalk, and others.

  1. Testmatick

Website: https://testmatick.com/

Location: USA

Testmatick provides software testing services as well as mobile app testing services and other QA services too. Testmatick is located in the USA and has its other global offices in Ukraine and Cyprus.

  1. TestScenario

Website: https://www.testscenario.com/

Location: United Kingdom

TestScenario is a company that provides mobile application testing services, automation testing, and web app testing services too. TestScenario is located in London, UK and another office is in Ahmedabad, India.

  1. Testrig

Website: https://www.testrigtechnologies.com/

Location: India

TestRig offers mobile app testing services to all kinds of mobile apps. Their great application testers have experience in mobile performance testing, mobile automation testing, mobile app security and compatibility testing, and many more. TestRig has an office in the USA too.

  1. A1QA

Website: https://www.a1qa.com/

Location: USA

A1QA is a software testing company located in CO, USA. A1QA offers testing services like QA consulting, managed testing services, Ad-hoc testing, software lifecycle QA, mobile test automation services, and many more.

  1. Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

Website: https://galaxyweblinks.com/

Location: MP, India

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. is offering software testing services as well as software development services. Galaxy Weblinks has their global offices in MA (USA), CA (USA), TN (India), and VIC (Australia).

  1. Indium Software

Website: https://www.indiumsoftware.com/

Location: Bangalore, India

Indium software offers software testing services as well as big data services, QA and full-stack development, application services, AI, DevOps solutions, and many more.

List of Software testing Services provided by Mobile app testing companies listed above:

Manual TestingAutomation Testing
Banking Domain TestingFunctional Testing
Web Application TestingMobile Application Testing
Healthcare App TestingE-commerce Testing


Above we have seen some of the best Mobile app testing companies that provide QA services in the detail.

Sometimes it is not affordable for every startup company or small business to have an in-house mobile tester. So they can select top mobile app testing companies from the above list to test their mobile apps. 

Still, Confused? We are here to help. Contact us for further information.

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