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Why Mobile App Testing is Important?

In this competitive world, the mobile app is getting more popular than a website. Mobile is a handy device nowadays and everyone uses it widely. Customers also prefer a mobile app for their different requirements and get done their needs with some easy navigation.

For the business, It is really important that they test their mobile app before pushing it to live for actual customers. Bugs in your mobile app would make a bad impression on the customer’s mind and you might lose your business.  And testing helps to make sure the mobile app has no bugs and is safe to make a life for the audience.

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Let us talk about how mobile apps. Include different strategies and testing types to find out the maximum bugs and then make the app robust and bug-free.

5 Mobile App Testing Types for Boosting Your App Quality

Below are the Mobile App Testing types that can help to boost your application quality.

  1. Usability Testing

UI and UX experience is most important for your customer. This is the first experience that your customer actually experiences. The application should be easy to navigate and should not confuse the end-users. It is very important that the Usability test is passed otherwise it could drop your mobile app traffic.

  1. Functional Testing

All the forms, links, redirects, and validations should work properly in your application. It should restrict end-users when they try to perform something unusual in the app.

  1. Load Testing

It is very important that your application must be able to handle a high volume of users. The application should not crash under heavy load. Therefore, Load testing of the mobile app is very important to be done before deploying an app to life and making it available to the audience.

  1. Network Testing

Not every customer uses the same ISP and surfs your app. With the same internet speed. People have different speeds and connections like 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. As a tester, it should be tested that the application works smoothly with low and high internet speed and does not hang.

  1. Compatibility Testing

People are using different devices like phones, tablets, etc. Also, devices have different sizes and resolutions. It is mandatory to test that the mobile app is working fine on various types of Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

In short, Whether your mobile application is new or existing, It does require testing on a regular basis to give the best experience to the customers. Also, testing gives one different level of confidence in the business.

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