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selenium vs testrigor

Selenium vs testRigor

Why do we need Automation in Software Testing? When a website is created or in the process of creation, testing Is required to ensure that everything is working fine. In the old days, testing was conducted manually. However manual testing

set up and install katalon

How to install and setup Katalon studio on windows?

Introduction  Katalon Studio is a tool for automation testing for WEB, desktop, mobile applications, and API. The software is easy to use for testers who have less coding skills. Katalon Studio is a powerful automation tool for testing web and

codeless automation testing

What is Codeless Automation Testing? 

Whenever an application is under development. Parallel testing is also required to test find any bug which can cause financial losses, customer dissatisfaction, etc. To test that bug, automation testing comes into the process. Automation testing with coding can be


Jira Testing Tool – A Complete Tutorial

In this article, We will see the complete overview of the JIRA testing tool. What is JIRA? Australian company Atlassian developed the tool JIRA for tracking bugs, issues, and project management. The full form of JIRA is inherited from the


Cypress vs WebdriverIO: Key Differences

In this article, We will discuss the cypress Vs webdriverIO software. I will explain the working of cypress, its limitations, key features, and the difference between cypress Vs webdriverIO. Based on this, you can choose which one is better for


Waits in Selenium – Explicit, Implicit and Fluent Wait

Waits in Selenium Waits in selenium are used whenever there is a loading wait is required in the automation script. Waits can be hard type or soft type. Most of the time only soft type wait is used in automation

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