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Rapid Regression Testing with TestComplete

Many QA engineers think test created through a program consumes more time than the recording and playback method. We can get the complete Benefits of Test Automation if the automation framework is designed with AUT enhancements. We should use a tool that fits our needs and expectations. While designing a good automation framework, we should understand the AUT and its behavior. A framework built for one project may not be useful for another project. A few points should be considered while designing a framework:

  • A class containing the common methods for reuse.
  • Test data in a format that is widely supported.
  • Try that the framework should not depend on tools or language.
  • Data and tests should not be in the same place. 

Features of TestComplete

Test Recording: When performing manual testing, TestCompleete can record the action performed on the application into a test script. After recording the script, check the places where you can modify it as per your framework design. For that consider a few points:

  • Part of the code can be reused.
  • Organization of test cases.
  • Decide TestedApps launch properties.
  • Tested objects are to be stored in NameMaping.

If you are testing a web application, decode the web page tree model. There are four types of tree models – DOM, Tag, Hybrid, and Tree. You need to decide tree model as per your application page structure. 

Object Recognition and Mapping: The feature Conditional Mapping can help in mapping objects based on the conditions specified with AND & OR constructs.

Handling Test Data: Test data and tests are separate things in an ideal test automation framework. Using the DDT object, the data can be connected to the tests and manipulate the data inside the scripts. DDT object is supported across all scripting languages. We can use MS Excel, CSV, etc.

Reusable Scripts: If a method needs to be used in multiple tests, then we can have a common action class to store those reusable methods. Script extensions can be used for this functionality. You can store the reusable code in a code template and use it in the tests.

Stores: Project item Stores can be used to store the file, object, and regions required for executing the script. Stores can hold Regions as images, tables, Objects (as XML), and XML files. We can access the stored items directly by using the built-in methods of TestComplete. The Code Explorer panel can be used to improve the code. 

Parallel Execution: TestComplete gives you the ability to run the tests parallelly. This significantly reduces the time it takes to complete regression testing.

Continuous Integration: TestComplete can be integrated into the CI/CD pipeline and can be triggered automatically whenever code changes are committed.


Rapid regression testing is a necessity in today’s competitive software development landscape. This goal can be achieved using TestComplete. The features of TestComplete are easy to use. Repetitive manual testing can be eliminated using TestComplete. Manual testers can focus on exploratory testing and uncovering critical issues that automated tests may miss. TestComplete decreases the time to test and improves software quality. If you want repaid regression testing to be done with efficiency and effectiveness, TestComplete can be used to achieve the same.

Experience the future of software testing with QACraft. Elevate your development process and ensure code excellence through rapid regression testing using TestComplete. Trust us for unparalleled quality assurance and innovation in every line of code.

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