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Introduction: Mobile App Testing Tools

The mobile testing strategy contemplates the use of diversified modern tools. There are many tools that can be used nowadays for mobile app testing tools that you can avail of for implementing your mobile app testing practices and these are also affordable. If you are contracted on time and money for getting your mobile apps tested, then this article is for you. Below are the best ten mobile application testing tools that can help you in handling and implementing your mobile app testing strategies, If you are a mobile app testing specialist.

What is mobile app testing?

Mobile Application Testing is the process in which applications designed and developed for mobile devices (like smartphones, tablet PCs, or phones) are tested for their functionality, steadiness, and usability

mobile app testing types

Functional Testing: In Functional testing, the application is tested to check that it is as per user specification.

Performance testing: Performed testing test application performance in terms of network performance, server performance, and network performance.

Memory testing: We all know that Mobile devices have limited memory as compared to computers so it will check whether there is optimized memory usage or not.

Interruption Testing: This testing is used to check for interruption that occurs due to calls or SMS, low memory, low battery, etc.

Installation Testing: Installation Testing test to check whether there is smooth installation and uninstallation and to check that the application performs as per expectation.

Usability Testing: This testing is always used to check the proficiency, expediency, and contentment of the application.

Mobile App Testing Tool: There are many mobile app testing tools that we can use to test a mobile application.

Below is the list of mobile app testing tools that we can use:


1) TestComplete

TestComplete is one of the widely used mobile app testing tools which is widely used in the automation industry, we can create and run repeatable and robust UI tests of an application it’s a product from SmartBear.It allows us to create, maintain, and execute UI tests for web, desktop, and mobile applications. TestComplete is an easy-to-use tool that offers both script and script-less options for test generation.

2) Appium

Appium is an open-source test automation framework that allows us to create UI tests for native, mobile, and hybrid applications. It supports both Android and IOS platforms and also supports code reuse across Android and IOS test suites, it’s similar to Selenium. Appium supports multiple programming languages (like Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript).

3) 21

21 is a Discriminative, self-learning Mobile test automation tool, which supports both Android and IOS platforms. 21 offers:

  • Fast and intelligent authoring
  • integrate algorithmic locators’ system to ensure chronic results across all frameworks. No locators are needed.
  • Eliminate maintenance and flaky results
  • 21 is fully SaaS, thus there is no installation needed.

4) Kobiton

Kobiton is one of the most widely used mobile device tools which is based on a cloud platform that provides access to real devices to run manual and automated tests on native, web, and hybrid Android/iOS apps. it will automatically generate activity logs, commands, screenshots, and metadata execute the test, and have faster identification of issues which is the most important feature of it.

5) Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is one of the powerful tools that is widely used nowadays it’s become an Appium alternative for mobile testing which is easy to use the testing tool. Trusted by more than 850,000 users, it also has enhanced capabilities for web, API, and desktop testing. there is no complex setup required while using Katalon Studio, it offers cross-environment testing thus it’s easy to use.

6) Bug Hunter

Bug Hunter is one of the important automation mobile app testing tools it’s a manual mobile testing tool designed primarily for UI testing of Android apps. it covers all the essentials of UI testing and ensures the maximum test coverages, While using Bug Hunter there is no need to leave the current window to switch between the tools or adjust the setting.

7) Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is one solution mobile app testing tool. Used by more than 4,000 companies worldwide the reason behind it is Ranorex is easy to use with a better interface, and Ranorex Studio is easy for beginners with a codeless click-and-go interface. It provides Reliable object identification, even for web elements. it offers a Shareable object repository and reusable code modules.

8) Selendroid

Selendroid is one of the important mobile app testing tools, It’s an open-source framework, and it interacts with multiple devices and emulators, Selendroid can support multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

9) Keynote

Keynote Mobile Testing Tools allow us to test mobile apps on different platforms such as Android, and iOS along with BlackBerry and Windows Phones. Also testing with Keynote ensures the quality of mobile apps on real devices.

10) UFT Mobile

UFT Mobile testing tool is open-source and supports commercial environments. As per the organization’s needs, visual scripting or advanced scripting can be chosen. It supports testing on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and HTML5. It tests the functional testing of an application on real devices and emulators.


Test automation is a sophisticated process, and its Acquisition requires you and your team to put a lot of time and effort into it. With a little headship, you will soon master the script erection and testing execution aspects. If you are willing to test your mobile application, then you can pick any of the above mobile performance testing tools to get the best results to reform application performance to experience better response.

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