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Exploring JIRA for Test Management and Bug Tracking

From Novice to Pro: Exploring JIRA for Test Management and Bug Tracking

What is Jira?:  Jira is a well-known open-source tool for test management, bug tracking, and project support  It is a very useful tool to manage your automation and manual test case with manageable workflow, bug tracking with backlog view, and

Performance Testing

7 Best Practices for Continuous Performance Testing.

What is Performance Testing? Performance Testing is a part of non-functional testing. This testing is used to check server responses for our specific project or software. While working with Performance Testing a QA person needs to concentrate on the load,

postman for api testing

How to Use Postman for API Testing? 

1. What is Postman?  Postman is an API platform to create and implement API requests. Postman simplifies every step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create better API in less time span.  First of all, we

Test Data in Software Testing

Test Data in Software Testing

In this era, the Software industry [IT] is very progressive, giant, rich, and updated. IT is a field where IT and non-IT people both can get better opportunities to build a career. There are various profiles in IT to pursue

katalon studio

What is Katalon Studio?

 Katalon Studio provides all-in-one in a single platform. Like the low-code web, API, mobile, and Desktop Automation Testing. Katalon Studio design to speed up the task. It follows the SDLC process. It does ‘Quality Assurance’ work more productively.  Katalon Studio

Monkey Testing

What is Monkey Testing?

Monkey Testing While introducing and briefing any technical concept we used to co-relate it with a simple logic or simple methodology. Take an example   Example:  If a person wants to explain Newton’s law of universal gravitation to a kid,

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