Agile Vs Waterfall – What’s the Difference?

At the starting point of any software project, organizations and teams have to first deal with the question of the agile vs waterfall model. Software projects follow a methodology of apparently defined processes or software development life cycle (SDLC) to

Selenium 3 Vs Selenium 4

In this article, We will see the difference between Selenium 3 vs Selenium 4, the Architecture of Selenium 3 and Selenium 4, and the Advantages of Selenium 4. Selenium is widely used nowadays in the industry and extensively used framework

Cross Browser Testing – A Brief Guide

Cross Browser Testing is a kind of testing to check to assume that an application works across various programs true to form and corrupts effortlessly. It is the most common way of checking your application’s similarity with various programs. Cross

Key Features of Good Test Cases

Key Features of Good Test Cases Testers rarely think about the difference between average and high-quality tests. If the test case is good, then it is often unnoticeable. It even simply dissolves in the process of software verification. Testers remember

Top 6 Phases of Agile Process Model

Agile refers to something that is quick or adaptable. A software development approach based on iterative development is referred to as an “agile process model.” Agile approaches divide projects into smaller iterations or sections and avoid long-term planning. The scope

Native Apps Vs Hybrid Apps – What’s the Difference?

For business owners, developing an app for their company may appear to be a great idea. Understanding the differences between Native apps vs Hybrid apps is the first step toward determining which sort of app would be most beneficial to

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