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postman for api testing

1. What is Postman? 

Postman is an API platform to create and implement API requests. Postman simplifies every step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create better API in less time span. 

First of all, we will see about API. What is API? 

Take an Example :  

When we place an order to Zomato. We can track our delivery person’s location. The tracking location thing happens only by API. API is the messenger between Zomato and Google Maps. 

API is also a security layer between Zomato and Google Maps. When we are asking for any data from Zomato. Zomato can not answer directly. Zomato will ask to API. API will forward that question to Google Maps. If Google Maps has the answer to that question then it will answer API and API will forward that answer to Zomato. 

So Postman is a platform to build API and use API. 

2. Why Use Postman? 

Postman is used to create API and to use API. There are many advantages of using Postman. 
2.1 API Client feature allows you to send REST, SOAP, and GraphQL, requests directly within Postman. 
2.2 It provides surety for safe automation and integration of manual tests that guarantee no code break. 
2.3 Machine-readable documentation. 
2.4 Monitor the API performance and response times at regular intervals. 

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3. How to use Postman to execute APIs

3.1 Create workspace: 


3.2 Click on File >> New :  


3.3 Create a new API: 
Type in Google “Sample Rest API”.>> Select ReqRes 


Open a new Tab. Type Reqres. in. 

  1. Working with GET & POST Requests

    GET : 

   GET is used to retrieve data from API. 

    In the below example, the “GET” method is used to retrieve two properties from an account and expand its related information with full name. 



Console output :  



Post is used to send new data to an API. 
Using the POST method in API we can send data and create records. 
Please check the below attachment for using the POST method. 



Set request body with detailed information to create a record: 


Update a record  

The patch method is used to update the record in the table.



When the user sends an update request, the response body will remain empty. but the ID of the Updated account will be displayed in the Data-Entity ID header value. 

Delete a record : 

The delete method is used to delete existing records. software testing


When the user sends this delete request, the account record with the given specific account ID gets deleted. 

 5. conclusion:

Postman API is used for many purposes.
like Banking API – for getting transaction details.
Flight API – For getting status, delays, prices, and schedules.
Nowadays digital marketing is working based on API only.

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