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API stands for Application Programming Interfaces (API), API testing is a type of software testing where testing cannot be done at a front-end since there’s no Graphical User Interface. API testing has generally performed on the message layer and includes testing REST (representational state transfer) APIs, and SOAP Web services, which could be sent over HTTP, HTTPS, JMS, and MQ. This now forms an Indiscernible component for any Automation Testing. API testing cannot be tested manually, and we need to choose some API testing tools for API testing.

What are API and API Testing Tools?

As we know that API stands for Application Programming Interface, in simple words, API is a messenger that enables two software to share data and talk to each other. As we know that API stands for Application Programming Interface, in simple words, API is a messenger that enables two software to share data and talk to each other.

But how does an application stay fully functional, as it’s designed to every time, without compromising user privacy? The answer is API testing tools.

software testing

Benefits of API Testing in Agile

Using API testing tools is how development and testing teams qualify software performance before they get to the end users’ hands. below are some benefits of API testing in agile:

  • Early testing and feedback without waiting for the whole software to be completely built
  • Faster test assistance and refactoring
  • Early testing can benefit More bugs and issues in less time compared to UI tests

Choosing API Testing Tools

Before choosing any of the API testing tools we have to keep some points in our mind, below are the basic criteria to choose a testing tool:

Basic API Requirements: Does your tool support the majority of the HTTP requests and is easy to configure and import from one project/test to another to save time? Complexity: Make sure the tool which you are going to use to test API in your team is able to learn and use the software in the shortest time possible. CI/CD Integration: Check its list of integrations to see if the tool works with CI systems your team is using like Jenkins or Bitbucket, and there is no extra time needed to configure everything. Non-technical Friendly: check the tools’ documentation to see if they support BDD conventions and are able to exportation easy-to-understand reports.

Top 11 API Testing Tools

Below are the top 11 API testing tools:
  1. Katalon Studio
  5. Rest-Assured
  6. Assertible
  7. SoapUI
  8. Karate DSL
  9. Rest Console
  10. API Fortress
  11. Pyresttest

1) Katalon Studio: Katalon Studio is the leading test automation solution for Web, Mobile, and Windows applications API testing, it’s easy-to-use UI and productivity-centric features for all sizes of projects and it supports REST, SOAP requests, and SSL client certificates.

Pricing: Free — $76/license/month

2) POSTMAN: Originally Its a Chrome browser plugin, Postman extended to an on-premise solution for both Mac and Windows. It’s an easy-to-use API testing tool and has a rich interface.

Pricing: Free – $12/user/month

3) APIGEE: Apigee is a cross-cloud API testing tool, that enables users to measure and test API performance, and support and build API, its multi-step and powered by JavaScript. It also defines performance issues by defining API traffic.

Pricing: Contact Sales

4) JMETER: Basically, JMeter was created for performance testing, however, it is commonly used for functional API testing. With the help of JMeter we can Cache and offline replay test results also it Automatically works with CSV files, thus enabling the team to create unique parameter values for the API tests at speed.

Pricing: Free

5) Rest-Assured: Rest assured is an open-source Java Domain-specific language that enables testing REST services more simply. We can verify and validate the response of requests with the help of Rest Assured.

Pricing: Free

6) Assertible: it’s an API testing tool that mainly focuses on automation and reliability. Generally, it Supports automating API tests throughout CI/CD pipeline and assist in running API tests after deployments, and integrates with familiar tools (e.g., GitHub, Slack, and Zapier).

Pricing: Free – $25/month

7) SoapUI: SoapUI is a headless functional testing tool dedicated to API testing. We can easily test REST and SOAP APIs and Web Services with no hassles. It creates tests effortlessly with Drag and drop, Point-and-click.

Pricing: Free – $749/year

8) Karate DSL: Karate DSL API testing tool assists users in creating scenarios for API-based Behaviour Driven Development tests simply without writing definition steps. It creates those definitions itself, thus users can quickly kickstart the API testing, also it runs tests and generates reports likewise to any standard Java project.

Pricing: Free

9) Rest Console: This tool is a REST/HTTP Client it’s basically for Google Chrome that enables users to visualize and construct custom HTTP requests to test with any RESTful API service.

Pricing: Free

10) API Fortress: API Fortress is a platform for API testing, which helps testers and developers to create and automate functional tests.

Pricing: Contact sales

11) Pyresttest: Pyresttest is a Python-based REST API testing platform that supports tests in JSON or YAML config files, there is no coding knowledge is required. Basically, it generates and validates mechanisms to build complete test scenarios for testing.

Pricing: Free

qa automation testing services Conclusion:

In the above section we have covered different API testing tools some of them are open-source and freely available, above are the top API testing tools that are widely used in the automation test industry.

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