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Before we start STLC vs SDLC, we should know about what is STLC and What is SDLC?

What is STLC?

STLC stands for software testing life cycle which has distinct phases which are followed to test software applications. STLC has different phases which are used to test software applications and to ensure that our software application meets user requirements.

STLC Phases are as below:

  1. Requirement Analysis
  2. Test Planning
  3. Test Case Development
  4. Test Case Execution
  5. Test Closure

1) Requirement Analysis: Requirement analysis is one of the important phases of STLC, Where the task owner of this phase will communicate with the various stockholder (Client, Business Analyst, Technical Leads, System Architects, etc.) to find out the requirement. During the Requirement analysis phase, the testing team analysis the requirements from a testing perspective to identify the testable requirements.

Deliverables from this phase are Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), a Software requirement Specification Document known as SRS.

2) Test Planning: This is the second phase of STLC Where all the test planning happened, where we identify the activities and resources which help us to test software application that meets the client’s requirement.

Deliverables from this phase are Test plan.

3) Test Case Development: In this phase of STLC, Test cases are designed, basically test case is a set of conditions that are executed to check that our system or software application meets client requirements and that it’s working as per client requirements.

Deliverables from this phase are Test Cases.

4) Test Case Execution: In this phase we set up a test environment so that we can run our test case, to find out the difference between actual and expected output. This is a very important phase of STLC which decides the software and hardware under which we run our test cases.

5) Test Closure: This is the last phase of STLC, where all phases’ deliverables (like matrix, report, and results) are documented.

What is SDLC?

SDLC stands for Software Development life cycle, which has different phases which are used to develop software applications, this process is followed to ensure that whatever we have developed is as per user requirements.

SDLC phases are:

  1. Requirement analysis
  2. Design
  3. Development/coding
  4. Testing
  5. Deployment
  6. Maintenance

1) Requirement Analysis: Requirement analysis is the first step of SDLC where the senior member or team Manager communicates with the stockholder and makes a suggestion, this phase gives a clear picture of what to design or test.

2) Design: This is the second phase of the software development life cycle, in this phase all documents from the previous phase (like SRS, RTM) are used to define system architecture.

There are two types of design documents developed in this phase:

  1. High-level Design: Summary of each module

– Dependencies between module

– Database structure

– Complete architecture design with technology details

  1. Low-level Design: Input and output used in every module

– Functional logic of each module

3) Development: once the high-level and low-level design is over, the next phase is coding, developer starts the development and starts coding. In this phase, the developer needs to follow certain design rules to design a software application.

4) Testing: This is an important phase of SDLC, Where the member of the testing team (like test manager, team Lead, tester, etc..) are involved to design test planning and execute test cases to find the bugs in the application.

5) Deployment: The deployment phase of SDLC is an important phase of SDLC, where we put the software application or product into production, testing where the product passes each phase of testing.

6) Maintenace: The application comes into the maintenance phase after the product is in full operation, Maintenace of the software includes software updates and fixes.

Difference between STLC vs SDLC

Do you know what is the difference between STLC VS SDLC? find the difference below:

STLC is related to software testing.SDLC is mainly related to software development.
STLC less number of people are involved.SDLC a more number of people are involved in all processes, (number of developers).
STLC ensures that whatever we delivered is as per client requirements it ensures the quality of products.SDLC ensures that we are developing the right thing in the right way.
STLC is a testing life cycle.SDLC is a development life cycle.
STLC focuses on both development and testing processes but STLC mainly focuses on the testing process.The software development life cycle ensures that we produce high-quality software which is as per client requirements.
In STLC QA team analysis all the requirement from the requirement document and create a system test plan.In SDLC business analysts gather all project-related requirements from a stockholder and create a development plan.
In the software testing life cycle, the Test Architect or test manager creates a strategy to test a software application.In software development, the life cycle development team create the high-level and low-level design of the project based on clients’ requirement.


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