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What is Black box Testing?

Black box testing is functional testing. It is used to make sure that software or application is working as per specification or not!!!!

It is a very simple testing process used in the initial phase of the software development process.

It is helpful for testing beginners to understand the QA process.

Technique Used :

  1. Decision Table Technique.
  2. Boundary Value Analysis
  3. State Transition Technique
  4. All Pair Testing Technique.
  5. Cause-Effect Technique.
  6. Equivalence Partitioning Technique.
  7. Error Guessing Technique.
  8. Use Case Technique.

What is White Box Testing?

White box testing is code and structural testing. It helps to remove the extra lines of code and errors.

White box testing is also known as glass box testing, structural testing, and transparent testing because to perform white box testing is necessary to have programming skills.

The primary goal of white-box testing is to test the flow of the software input and expected output.

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Technique Used :

  1. Control Flow Testing
  2. Branch Testing
  3. Statement Testing
  4. Decision Testing

What is gray box testing?

Gray box testing is a merging of closed box testing and glass box testing.

To perform gray box testing it is necessary to have partial knowledge of the internal working structure of an application. Over here we use partial knowledge of programming to design test cases which is part of white-box testing and functional knowledge of an application as a part of black-box testing.

It focuses on the end-user’s point of view rather than the developer’s or tester’s point of view.

Technique Used :

  1. Matrix Testing.
  2. Regression Testing

Differences Between Black box testing vs. white box testing vs. gray box testing

Black-box TestingWhite-box TestingGray box Testing
It does not require an internal working structure. GUI knowledge is sufficient to perform.It is necessary to have knowledge of the internal working structure.Partial coding knowledge is necessary to perform gray box testing.
We can use other names like closed box, data-driven testing, and functional testing to refer to it.We can use clear box testing, Transparent testing, and code-based testing to refer to it.We can say it is Transculent testing because the tested has limited knowledge of coding.
It is difficult to find the hidden error of an application.It is easy to find a hidden error in an application.It is difficult to find the hidden error of an application that might be found in user-level testing.
The time duration of performing testing depends upon the available functional specification.Time duration is more than BB because test case design requires more time due to referring to lengthy code.It is a short time duration process.
It can be performed by Tester, Developer, and end-user.It can be performed by the Tester and Developer.It can be performed by Tester, Developer, and end-user.
It is a less exhaustive procedure.It is a more exhaustive procedureIt is a partially exhaustive procedure.
Algorithm testing is not used.Algorithm testing is convenient for it.Do not match algorithm testing.
Flexibility and protectivity are covered under it.Do not cover Flexibility and protectivity.Flexibility and protectivity are covered under it.


Testing is an integral part of the software development process. There are many types of the testing process. All types of testing are perfect for the specified requirement whether it is a Black box, White box, or Gray box.

“We all have our own positive and negative qualities with a unique identity”

Black box testing, White box testing, and Gray box testing’ are the same as us they have their own quality as well as positive and negative factors.

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