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How to use testRigor for test automation

TestRigor is an advanced testing tool that accelerates the testing process and identifies potential issues in web applications. It comes with a user-friendly interface and a range of tools to assist testers in creating and executing tests effectively. The AI-powered engine offers intelligent test case development, which reduces the amount of human input required to create comprehensive test suites. With TestRigor, testers don’t need programming skills, and they can write test cases in plain English.

Manual testing might take a lot of time. Testing professionals frequently find themselves running the same tests repeatedly, wasting a lot of time and money in the process. Human mistakes may also lead to undetected flaws and consistency issues, which can slow down the software development lifecycle. These difficulties might slow down corporate expansion and reduce team output.

Its help to your Business:

There are several advantages to testRigor’s test automation that may help your organization. First of all, time is saved. You may dramatically cut down on testing time by automating repeated tests, freeing up your team to work on other important projects. Faster software development cycles and shorter time-to-market are the direct results of this enhanced efficiency. 

Second, accuracy is improved by testRigor automation. Human mistakes might result in overlooked defects and inconsistencies during manual testing. Utilizing testRigor, you may guarantee dependable and consistent test execution, enhancing the general quality of your software programs. Your ability to provide software free of bugs thanks to testRigor’s accuracy will increase consumer trust and satisfaction.  

Test coverage is increased by testRigor test automation, in addition. It might be difficult to test every possible case manually. However, testRigor enables you to develop complete test cases that cover any number of situations, ensuring that your software applications are fully tested. By identifying possible problems earlier in the development process, this increased test coverage finally helps save time and costs.

Automation testing using testRigor 

Creating test cases: 

To begin Automation Testing your website with testRigor, you first need to create test cases. The platform offers multiple ways to define test cases: 

A) Record and playback: 

A Chrome plugin that testRigor offers lets you record your interactions with the website and play them back afterward. Your activities are recorded and turned into test cases so they may be reviewed later. 

B) Manual test case creation:

You may manually build test cases inside the testRigor interface if you want to take a more hands-on approach. This offers you total control over how the test case description is defined and enables you to describe various test procedures and anticipated results. 

C) AI-powered test generation:

The structure and functionality of the website may be used to automatically generate test cases using testRigor’s AI engine. This tool creates a thorough collection of tests that cover a variety of scenarios, saving time and effort. 

Executing test cases: 

You may run your test cases on the testRigor platform after you’ve developed them. Depending on your needs, the tool gives you the choice to perform tests locally or in the cloud. TestRigor interacts with your website while running the test, imitating user activities, and checking for desired results. 

  • Analyzing test results: 

Once the test is executed, testRigor offers thorough results that offer insights into the functionality of the website and any problems that could have arisen. You can rapidly recognize and fix the issues since the reports show failed tests, probable mistakes, and other crucial information.


To provide an excellent user experience and improve the quality of your web application, a website requires thorough testing. You can automate and streamline the testing process with the use of testRigor, which will help you save time and effort while improving the quality and efficacy of your tests. Using testRigor’s powerful features and AI capabilities, you can identify possible problems before they affect your end consumers. Take your website testing to new heights with the integration of testRigor into your testing toolbox.

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