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Performance Testing

What is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is a part of non-functional testing.

This testing is used to check server responses for our specific project or software.

While working with Performance Testing a QA person needs to concentrate on the load, stability, and Response Time of the software.

What is Response Time?:
The time taken by the Server to respond client’s request is known as “Response Time”.

Take an example of Response Time: when a user orders Pizza on Zomatoe and waits for its delivery. The user has sent a request to track the delivery boy’s location. and within 2-3 seconds user can view his current location… So in this scenario the 2-3 seconds taken by the application to provide the answer to the user is “Response Time”.

Meaning Load is the weight system bearing given by the client’s request. N- number of users using the application at the same time.

Stability :
Stability is when the N-number of the user is accessing the application at the same time for a fixed period.

7 Best Practices for Continuous Performance Testing:

1. define Performance Metrics :

To measure the performance of software performance metrics are required. in this, it includes response time, throughput, and error range. By using these metrics, you can ensure performance metrics are beneficial and up to date with your goals and deadlines.

2. Automate Performance Testing :

While performing performance testing by using automation, the QA team can be aware of the performance of the software. By using automation testing for performance measurement the QA team can get immediate results of tests and can become sure of the improvement of the software performance.

3. Take up a Test driven approach:

To make development and testing easy for a project it is good practice to create test scripts and product features simultaneously. If product features and test scripts are generated simultaneously there is no need to recreate new test scripts if some new changes are made in the software.

4. Developers and testers should work closely :

If software succeeds in the market its credit goes to developers and testers. We can say that the effectiveness of software depends on to cooperation of developers and testers.

While the software product is in the testing phase, A QA person should work with the developer team. by understanding the requirements and ongoing challenges of the application faced by the developers. Vice versa developer should think like a tester and try to make a more efficient product for the client.

A QA team should be aware of the development task by attending sprint meetings.

5. Develop story and functionality-based test cases :

Nowadays software development does not follow a traditional development model, it follows a modern development process so that users are not accessible with detailed specifications.

while writing a script for any project QA person should write it relevant to the story or functionality flow of the software.

6. Use dynamic tests for dynamic scenarios.

In earlier days various computing scenarios could have been tested using fixed or static test scripts. while nowadays computer era is fast growing industry. there are many latest tools and techniques for writing dynamic scenario scripts.

So dynamic test scenarios are most popular nowadays. Because all hardware, computer accessories, and applications are known as software.

7. Increased use of test automation.

In most scenarios, automation has some limitations Test automation should be used during the deployment process. It is good practice to create test scripts with distinct software services and components that can be used as per requirement.

Conclusion :

Nowadays there are so many software applications available in the market. if you want to use social media applications, then there are many options available like Facebook, Instagram, etc…

If you want to use the Messenger application then many Messenger applications are available in the market. the user uses and chooses the application as per its performance speed.

so to make a progressive market for our software application we need to provide excellent performance to it…To improve performance it is necessary to apply performance testing for that software application.

There are many tools available to perform it like Load Runner, WebLoad, ApacheJmeter, Load View, VSTS, and CloudTest.

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