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What is a Test Scenario?

A TEST SCENARIO is characterized as any user that can be tried. It is additionally called Test Condition or Test Possibility. As an analyzer, you should place yourself in the end client’s shoes and sort out this present reality situation and use instances of the Application under Test.

What is Scenario Testing?

Situation testing in programming testing is a strategy wherein real situations are utilized for testing the product application rather than experiments. The reason for situation testing is to test start to finish situations for a particular complex issue of the product. Situations help in a simpler manner to test and assess start to finish confounded issues.

Why we need to create this?

Making Test Scenarios guarantees total. Different partners like Business Analysts, Developers, and Customers to guarantee the Application under Test is completely tried can endorse test Coverage Test Scenarios. It guarantees that the product is working for the most widely recognized use cases.

They fill in as a brisk apparatus to decide the testing work exertion and as needs be make a proposition for the customer or sort out the labor force.

They help decide the main start to finish exchanges or the genuine utilization of the product applications. For contemplating the start to finish working of the program, Test Scenario is basic.

Steps to composing

As an analyzer, you can follow these five stages to making a test situation:
  1. Experience all the necessary archives accessible like BRD, SRS, and FSD to comprehend the functionalities of the application to be tried.
  2. For every prerequisite, discover the potential activities and objectives of the client.
  3. Rundown down all the potential functionalities/situations that need to consider for every prerequisite. (Test Scenarios Template is given to download)
  4. When all conceivable test situations are recorded, make a Traceability Matrix to guarantee that all prerequisites have a comparing test situation.
  5. Audit the Test Scenario report and Traceability Matrix with Test Lead/Business Analyst

Importance of Test Scenario

  • Test Scenarios along these lines help with assessing the product application according to this present reality circumstances.
  • Test situations when decided, help in bifurcating the extent of testing.
  • This is named prioritization, which helps in deciding the significant functionalities of the product application.
  • Organized testing of the functionalities, help largely in the fruitful usage of the product application.
  • As the test situations get organized, the main functionalities can be handily recognized and tried on need. This guarantees that most of the vital functionalities are turned out great and imperfections identified with it are properly caught and amended.
  • Test situations decide the business cycle stream of the product and accordingly start to finish testing of the application is conceivable.
  • Identify the most important end-to-end transactions.

It guarantees that all the critical and expected business streams are tried, which further aid the start to finish testing of the application.

For Instance, Test Scenario for e-commerce Application:

  1. Check the Login Functionality
  • Check system actions when a valid email id and password are entered.
  • Check system actions when an invalid email id and valid password are entered.
  • Check system actions when a valid email id and invalid password are entered.
  • Check system actions when an invalid email id and invalid password are entered.
  • Check system actions when email id and password are left blank and Sign in entered.
  • Check forgot your password is working as expected
  • Check system actions when valid/invalid phone numbers and passwords are entered.
  • Check system actions when “Keep me signed” is checked
  1. Check the Search Functionality
  2. Check the Product Description Page
  3. Check the Payments Functionality
  4. Check the Order History
  5. Check Home Page action for returning customers
  6. Check Category/Product Pages
  7. Check Customer Service/Contact Pages

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