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Top 5 Essential Data Quality Checks.

We’ve discussed the fundamental aspects of data quality and how to approach them intentionally. We have described how to include things into a framework driven by your company. This page will discuss the fundamental data quality checks you should do

API Testing

What is API Testing? 

The process of evaluating APIs’ security, scalability, functionality, and performance is known as API testing. It involves sending requests to several endpoints and determining whether the responses match what was expected. The “happy path” scenarios and negative cases are tested

Website Test Automation

What is Website Test Automation? 

Tests assist in determining whether a specific program can access its features appropriately and communicate successfully. Tests are also useful for verifying how a certain program acts in various circumstances. In other words, tests are a good technique to ensure

Principles of Software Testing

7 Principles of Software Testing

 Introduction:   Software testing is the most common way of executing a program determined to track down the blunder.Our software needs to be error-free in order to perform well.The software will be free of all errors if the testing is


Salesforce CRM Basics

With Salesforce CRM, clients, and potential leads can access their information securely in the cloud, empowering them to work together across offices. In CRM, basic and complex tasks can be organized, including follow-up tasks, action items, sales processes, and automated


Salesforce Testing – A Complete Guide

What is Salesforce? Salesforce is the world’s most memorable cloud-based CRM framework. It was established by Marc Benioff and Parker Harris in March 1999. The motivation behind fostering this CRM stage is to help clients moderately and effectively – sell,

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