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User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing: Tips for a Smooth Client Approval Process

User Acceptance Testing: (UAT) is one of the testing methodologies in software testing. UAT is done at the end of all testing to ensure that the end product fulfills all the requirements per the client’s requirements. Effective Test Case Design


What is Jenkins? Use of Jenkins in Automation Testing.

What is Jenkins? Jenkins is an automation tool used for continuous Integration and deployment. It is an open-source Automation Tool written in Java with plugins. Jenkins is used to build and test the software application, so developers can easily change

Pair Testing

All About Pair Testing.

Pair testing is one of the software testing techniques that can be conducted between two or more team members. It is also called buddy testing or partner testing. In Pair testing, two testers work as a team to test the

Game Testing

Stages of Game Testing

Introduction: Game Testing is one of the software testing processes where we test the video games to ensure that quality, functionality, and playability. The main goal of game testing is that find out defects or bugs and improve stability and

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