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postman for api testing

How to Use Postman for API Testing? 

1. What is Postman?  Postman is an API platform to create and implement API requests. Postman simplifies every step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create better API in less time span.  First of all, we

How to handle failure in Katalon Studio

How to Handle Failure in Katalon Studio?

If you are a Katalon Studio user, knowing how to deal with failure and move forward is essential. It is very easy to write and run scripts in Katalon Studio. In this post, we will discuss the best points for

selenium vs testrigor

Selenium vs testRigor

Why do we need Automation in Software Testing? When a website is created or in the process of creation, testing Is required to ensure that everything is working fine. In the old days, testing was conducted manually. However manual testing

create Testsuite in testRigor

How to Create Test Suite In testRigor

A test suite is a set of test cases prepared to examine a certain functionality or feature of a software program. By grouping similar test cases and running them all at once, test suites can be utilized to increase testing

data quality tests

Top 5 Essential Data Quality Checks.

We’ve discussed the fundamental aspects of data quality and how to approach them intentionally. We have described how to include things into a framework driven by your company. This page will discuss the fundamental data quality checks you should do

Test Data in Software Testing

Test Data in Software Testing

In this era, the Software industry [IT] is very progressive, giant, rich, and updated. IT is a field where IT and non-IT people both can get better opportunities to build a career. There are various profiles in IT to pursue

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