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Challenges and solutions you can face in software testing

Top 10 Challenges and Solutions you can Face in Software Testing.

Software Testing comes with several difficulties, and pointing out these difficulties is essential to ensure the quality and accuracy of software. Here are the top 10 challenges and solutions in software testing and their possible solutions: Challenge 1: Incomplete Requirements

Stability Testing

Stability Testing in Software Testing

What is Stability Testing? A method to check the quality and how the system behaves in different environmental parameters like temperature, voltage, etc. The stability testing process is used to determine how a product retains its quality over the life

Automated Front-End Testing

The Top 5 Tools for Automated Front-End Testing.

Front-end testing refers to the evaluation of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of a web application. As it guarantees that the program is user-friendly and operates as planned, this phase is essential in the software development process.  

Exploring JIRA for Test Management and Bug Tracking

From Novice to Pro: Exploring JIRA for Test Management and Bug Tracking

What is Jira?:  Jira is a well-known open-source tool for test management, bug tracking, and project support  It is a very useful tool to manage your automation and manual test case with manageable workflow, bug tracking with backlog view, and

bugs in software testing

Top 7 Reasons Why There Are Bugs in Software?

Introduction: – Software glitches are a hurdle, in the realm of software creation. Despite the progress made in programming languages, tools, and development approaches glitches persistently afflict software systems. These glitches vary from inconveniences to problems that jeopardize security, functionality,

Advantages of API Testing

Advantages of API Testing.

What is API Testing? Application programming interface [API] testing is a sub-part of software testing that is particularly focused on APIs.  Two or more software applications can make contact and share data through APIs, which act as a mediator between

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