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When Does Your Project Need Test Automation

When Does Your Project Need Test Automation?

Achieving success in the ever-changing field of software development requires not just meeting deadlines but also assuring product quality. The effectiveness of a project is largely dependent on how well-tested its processes are. Although necessary, manual testing can become an

Myths about software testing

Myths About Software Testing

Introduction: Software testing, often misunderstood and misrepresented, is a crucial aspect of software development. It ensures quality, prevents costly bugs, and enhances user experience. Yet, several myths cloud its importance and effectiveness. Let’s shed light on these misconceptions and reveal

Best Practices for QA Testing

Best Practices for QA Testing

Best Practices for QA Testing :  QA stands for “Quality Analysis”.In the IT world, there are 2 major phases in the development lifecycle. First is the development phase and the second is the QA phase.After getting done with the development


Selenium vs Testcomplete

Test automation is a time-saving approach, for testing software products that require long-term maintenance. Selenium and TestComplete are considered tools for automation testing as they offer a platform that allows you to construct continuous testing frameworks effortlessly. With their execution

Rapid Regression Testing with TestComplete

Rapid Regression Testing Using TestComplete

Many QA engineers think test created through a program consumes more time than the recording and playback method. We can get the complete Benefits of Test Automation if the automation framework is designed with AUT enhancements. We should use a

Step by Step Download and Install TestComplete

Step by Step Download and Install TestComplete

What is Test Complete? Using a Test Complete Tool Automate Testing Environment for a Wide Range of Application Types and Technologies, Including (Windows, .NET, WRF, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++Builder, Java, and Web Application and Services). How to Download

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