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write script in katalon

How to write your first script in Katalon Studio?

Launch Katalon Studio: Start by opening Katalon Studio on your machine. Create a new project: Click on “New Project” in the welcome screen or go to “File” -> “New” ->    3. “Project”. Please provide a name for your project and

set up and install katalon

How to install and setup Katalon studio on windows?

Introduction  Katalon Studio is a tool for automation testing for WEB, desktop, mobile applications, and API. The software is easy to use for testers who have less coding skills. Katalon Studio is a powerful automation tool for testing web and

katalon studio

What is Katalon Studio?

 Katalon Studio provides all-in-one in a single platform. Like the low-code web, API, mobile, and Desktop Automation Testing. Katalon Studio design to speed up the task. It follows the SDLC process. It does ‘Quality Assurance’ work more productively.  Katalon Studio

API Testing

What is API Testing? 

The process of evaluating APIs’ security, scalability, functionality, and performance is known as API testing. It involves sending requests to several endpoints and determining whether the responses match what was expected. The “happy path” scenarios and negative cases are tested

Test Coverage in Software Testing

Test Coverage in Software Testing

Introduction: The coverage-based testing method aims to cover the program with test cases that satisfy some fixed coverage criteria.   The primary goal of test coverage is to identify areas of a software system that have not been adequately tested. By

Website Test Automation

What is Website Test Automation? 

Tests assist in determining whether a specific program can access its features appropriately and communicate successfully. Tests are also useful for verifying how a certain program acts in various circumstances. In other words, tests are a good technique to ensure

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