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Automate TestNG in Selenium

How to Automate TestNG in Selenium

What is the TesNG Framework? TestNG is an open-source automation framework for Java. TestNG contains more features than Junit, which makes it a more robust framework. TestNG was created by Cedric Beust and is mostly used by developers and testers.


Security Testing Terminologies and Concepts

Introduction to security testing: A crucial component of software testing is security testing, which helps us ensure the security of our software applications and identify any vulnerabilities, hazards, or threats in the program. It also aids in preventing malicious outside

Cloud Penetration Testing

What is Cloud Penetration Testing? How Does it Work?

Introduction to Cloud Penetration Testing: Cloud infiltration testing, otherwise called cloud security testing or cloud weakness appraisal, is the method involved with assessing the security of cloud-based frameworks and foundations to distinguish possible weaknesses and shortcomings. Cloud infiltration testing aims

cross browser testing

Importance Of Cross Browser Testing.

What is Cross Browser Testing? Cross-browser testing plays a role in the development of websites. It ensures that a website or web application functions smoothly across browsers, screen sizes, devices, and operating systems. This testing process aims to spot and

Game testing strategy

How To Build An Effective Game Testing Strategy?

What Do You Mean by Game Testing? Game testing alludes to a product testing process that endeavors to recognize and distinguish surrenders, blunders, bugs, and various errors in the gaming application to guarantee steady and dependable working and execution. Coming

Top 7 Android Testing Frameworks

7 Android Testing Frameworks you Need to Know About in 2024

Why Android? Android is king in the constantly changing mobile market. It should come as no surprise that testers and developers alike choose this stable platform given its incredible 71% market share in India alone.  But to guarantee a seamless

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