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Cloud Testing:

It is providing all the demand for internet services over the internet. Cloud provides high security in testing. 

Cloud testing tools provide support for browsers or devices and their different version will be possible with only one cloud testing tool. 

Also, its good for Automation testing because we can easily perform parallel testing because the cloud can perform different test cases on a different browser as well as a different machine or you can say that different devices at the same time which help to reduce time execution  

Day to Day life application ex. Gmail, Google.

Step of Cloud Testing:- 

Develop user Scenarios -> Design Test Cases -> Select cloud service provider -> Setup Infrastructure 

-> Leverage Cloud Servers->Start Testing ->Monitoring Testing Goals. 

  1. Cloud testing is a form of Software testing that is used for Web applications using a cloud Computing Environment. 

Types of Cloud :-                                         Types of Cloud Testing :- 

  1. Public Cloud                              1. Functional testing                    6. Integration Testing  
  2. Private Cloud                            2. Regression Testing                   7. Sanity Testing 
  3. Hybrid cloud                              3. Non-Functional Testing 
  4. Community cloud                    4. Load Testing 
  5. Multi-cloud                                5. System Testing  

Functional Testing

Cloud testing environments can be used to perform a broad range of functional and non-functional tests for customers. The purpose of cloud testing is to test the software for functional as well as non-functional requirements using cloud computing which ensures faster.

Regression Testing:

Testing services that are well suited for the TaaS(Testing as a Service)  model include automated Regression, Performance, Security, application, and ERP.

Regression testing is a type of software testing that is used to ensure that the product/system is still working fine in functionality also need to require to check that design.

Non-Functional Testing:

Cloud testing intends to test the software based on functional and non-functional requirements using cloud computing services that ensure faster.

SaaS Testing the cloud (Software as a service testing) is this testing performs tests based on the requirements of the cloud via function and nonfunctional tests.

Load Testing:

Load testing ascertains whether or not you’re system performance is at an optimal point when it is being used by multiple users at the same time.

Load testing is measure performance under normal and peak load. Stress Test to measure app performance under extreme loads browser test to validate.

System Testing :

Cloud testing must test the application, servers, Storage, and networks well as validate these test interactions.

Challenges in Cloud Testing: – 

  1. Unstable Test Environment  
  2. Lack of Skilled Testers. 
  3. Tight Deadlines 
  4. Wrong Testing Estimation  
  5. Last min changes To requirement  
  6. Lack of Communication 

Why Should You Adopt Cloud Testing: – 

Cloud testing can ensure optimal performance, availability, and security of data, and minimize downtime of the associated infrastructure or platform. Also, cloud testing benefits are Cost reduction, Scalability, as well as geographical flexibility, and platform and environment diversity. 

The cloud testing market is expected to register a CAGR of over 13% in the forecast period (2021-2026) 

The Demand for cloud testing is increasing owing to the capabilities of cloud-sourcing technology in software testing activities like performing QA and removing bugs.            

Cloud Testing Automation Tools:- 

  1. AWS 
  2. Puppet 
  3. Docker 
  4. Microsoft Azure 
  5. Terraform 
  6. Jenkins 
  7. Google Cloud  
  8. Salt  
  9. CFengine 
  10. VMware 
  11. GitLab 
  12. IBM Cloud 
  13. Cloudify  

Cloud automation involves using cloud management tools to achieve tasks without a manual interface.


Cloud testing is to increase availability, security, and performance as well as disaster recovery and militancy testing. The cloud testing main motive is to ensure high-quality service delivery, most organizations are now learning to adopt cloud testing because of its flexibility, and scalability as well as reduced cost help to a company to grow from a point of view.  

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