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Al and Machine Learning

Al and Machine Learning in Software Testing: A Future Perspective.

AI stands for (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning is building up a new generation of Software Testing Is the biggest revolution in the development field, currently software testing approaches are searching for a hard hold on to the rate of


Security Testing Terminologies and Concepts

Introduction to security testing: A crucial component of software testing is security testing, which helps us ensure the security of our software applications and identify any vulnerabilities, hazards, or threats in the program. It also aids in preventing malicious outside

Step by Step Download and Install TestComplete

Step by Step Download and Install TestComplete

What is Test Complete? Using a Test Complete Tool Automate Testing Environment for a Wide Range of Application Types and Technologies, Including (Windows, .NET, WRF, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++Builder, Java, and Web Application and Services). How to Download

Pros and cons of Selenium in Automation Testing

Pros and cons of Selenium in Automation Testing

Selenium in Automation Testing: Selenium is a powerful open-source tool widely used in automation testing. It empowers testers to automate web applications, perform Regression Testing, and ensure software quality. Selenium offers cross-browser compatibility, flexibility, and an extensive ecosystem of tools

cloud testing

What is Cloud Testing?  

Cloud Testing: It is providing all the demand for internet services over the internet. Cloud provides high security in testing.  Cloud testing tools provide support for browsers or devices and their different version will be possible with only one cloud

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