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Advantages of API Testing

Advantages of API Testing.

What is API Testing? Application programming interface [API] testing is a sub-part of software testing that is particularly focused on APIs.  Two or more software applications can make contact and share data through APIs, which act as a mediator between

create Testsuite in testRigor

How to Create Test Suite In testRigor

A test suite is a set of test cases prepared to examine a certain functionality or feature of a software program. By grouping similar test cases and running them all at once, test suites can be utilized to increase testing


What is testRigor? Features of testRigor

Introduction: Codeless test automation allows anyone to write a test in plain English language. One of the critical advantages of testRigor lies in its intuitive user interface, which makes it accessible to both technical and non-technical users. The tool provides

Load Testing

What is Load Testing?

Through load testing, businesses may determine how well their system performs under typical and predicted peak loads, ensuring that it can withstand the demands of actual usage. We will discuss the concept of load testing in this blog article, as

Desktop Application Testing vs Web Application Testing
v model


What is V- Model?  The V-model is known as the validation and verification model. According to the V-model, each stage of the SDLC must be finished before moving on to the next. An improvement on the waterfall model is the

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