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Software Performance Testing

What is Performance Testing? Performance Testing is a type of software testing that measures the speed, reaction time, steadiness, dependability, versatility, and asset use of a software application under a specific outstanding burden. This is not tied in with discovering

software testing

Banking Application Testing: How to Test Banking Domain Application?

How to Test a Banking Application? As a rule, software testing has an integrated set of principles and standards that remain valid for all ventures. In any case, there are a couple of sections or areas that require additional dedication

software testing

Tips for Successful iPhone(iOS) App Testing

Before we start tips for successful ios application testing, we need to know what is iOS application testing. What is iOS Application Testing? iOS App Testing is a trying cycle wherein an iOS application is tried on genuine Apple gadgets

software testing

Mobile App Testing Checklist (Release Checklist)

The utilization of Smartphones has been expanding by 58% year over year. Organizations proceed to incorporate and convey versatile applications with good functionality. Making applications 99% without bugs is probably the greatest test that associations are confronting these days. Versatile

software testing

E-commerce Website Testing – Test Cases for E-commerce Website

What is E-commerce Website Testing? E-commerce Website testing is the process of putting an eCommerce (online shopping) application or website through its tests. In today’s world. It is very difficult to find anyone who does not like online shopping. Web-based

software testing

Functional Testing Vs Non-functional Testing

Before we start Functional testing Vs Non-functional Testing, we have to discuss what is testing. Software testing is a process to check the actual software product is matched the expected requirement and to ensure that the software product is bug-free.

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