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How Does Automation Testing Work?

Achieving success in test automation needs attention in planning and design work. There are some steps to follow in any automation procedure.

  1. Test tool Selection

First, you need to define the target of automation and then apply it to test automation. Once you decide what kind of tests you are executing, you need to pick the suitable tools which fulfill your test requirements.

  1. Define the Scope of automation

The scope of automation testing is that you need to choose the test cases to automate. The following focus help to decide the scope:

  • Scenarios that have a huge amount of data
  • Test cases that have ordinary functionalities across applications
  • The extent to which business components are reused
  • The complexity of test cases
  • Ability to use similar test cases for cross-browser testing
  1. Planning, Design, and Development

After deciding your target and which choice of tests to automate, you should determine which function your automated tests will perform.

  1. Test Execution

Automation Scripts are implemented during this stage. Execution can be done using automation straightforwardly or via the test management tool.

  1. Maintenance

When test cases are executed, the subsequent stage is to make reports so, the activities performed during testing are recorded. As new functionalities get added to the software that you are testing with progressive cycles, automation scripts should be included, looked into, and kept up for each release cycle. Maintenance is important to improve the viability of automation.

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