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Small startups to major behemoths like Microsoft, and Amazon is among the developers who create and release these apps. No matter how big or little the organization is, it must go through a testing process to ensure that the programs are ready to go live.

What exactly is on-demand software testing, and what are the many kinds of testing that are available? What benefits does it provide you as a developer?

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What is on-demand software testing?

On-demand testing allows you to get test results whenever you need them, making it easier to test throughout the development process.

Testing with a dependable, always-on mentality results in a more robust development cycle, allowing teams to detect and fix errors earlier in the process.

On-demand testing is critical for spotting flaws that would otherwise go unnoticed and lead to more serious issues down the road.

What are the sorts of on-demand testing?

Although there are various types of on-demand software testing, the most common are functional and non-functional testing. Crowd testing is commonly used to cover various parts of a testing cycle, such as elements that cannot be covered manually or by automation.

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Functional testing

Functional testing ensures that software does exactly what it was created to do. It will verify that each software function behaves as predicted and that the actual behavior meets the creators’ expectations.

Non-functional testing

This sort of testing examines the non-functional components of your program, as the name implies. This can include things like how many users can log in and use at the same time, as well as variables like performance, dependability, and usability. It verifies that your program is fully functional and suitable for release.

Manual testing

Without the use of automatic methods, manual testing examines your program. Every scenario is examined from the point of view of the end-user to verify that the program runs smoothly and to detect both obvious and hidden software faults. In many aspects, manual testing is preferable to automation for ensuring a bug-free delivery.

Automated testing

Automated testing is a method of delivering rapid test results by having testers use test scripts to complete various portions of the overall testing process. Automated tests are typically focused on specific areas to ensure that results are as expected or that features function as intended.

System testing

System testing your application entails testing the entire product. It doesn’t involve any coding skills, and testers check to see if the product meets all of the developers’ requirements. It’s usually the last step in the testing process, and it can contain both functional and non-functional testing.

Why do you need on-demand testing?

You want your finished product to be a success, and the best way to do so is to release it without any errors. Of course, many defects are identified after a product is released, but comprehensive on-demand testing during the development stage helps reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Advantages of on-demand software testing

The advantages of on-demand software testing are as follows:


On-demand software testing is cost-effective since it decreases the chances of a delayed release and, as a result, higher costs. It also saves you money by avoiding the cost of hiring dedicated QA workers or going over budget by diverting your employees to the testing process.

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Adaptable schedule

When it comes to software development, timing is crucial, especially when you’re up against some fierce competitors. When you use a crowd-testing service, you gain additional flexibility in terms of schedule. It can help you avoid devoting any of your team to actual testing, making it more likely that you will be able to deliver on time.

Customized solutions

Sometimes you need something more customized, or you have a unique need that even the most sophisticated platform can’t handle. Your crowd-testing firm should have a live person on hand to assist you in customizing your tests to meet your requirements.


On-demand software testing gives your product a level of transparency that you wouldn’t get if the job was done in-house. This is particularly important when the software requires a greater level of security. It can also guarantee that testing is carried out in accordance with industry standards, such as the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization’s (AMTSO).

Expertise evaluation

The level of competence provided by an on-demand testing firm is an important consideration when selecting one. They’ll be testing software on a daily basis and may have a better understanding of any faults that your in-house team might miss.

It Improves Your Software’s Quality

When it comes to the product’s quality, no one wants to take chances. The reason for this is that the impacts on any business could be far-reaching. Because quality is at the heart of each application, each organization strives to improve it.

Before the customer, it’s crucial to uncover critical flaws and flows in the software. The best way to detect any severe defects and flaws in your program before it is released is to use a combination of automated tests and crowd-testing.

It Is Extremely Fast

Most modern businesses are used to working in new markets and meeting tight deadlines. This is where the pace with which you develop and test your software can have a big impact on its overall performance.

Using on-demand testing, however, quick releases become viable. There’s no longer any need to put your QA process on hold over the weekend and wait until Monday morning to begin testing with your internal QA team. On-demand software testing is coming to break through all of these boundaries and provide unlimited testing. For example – QACraft, a prominent on-demand software testing business, may deliver the first testing results in as little as a few hours.

QACraft’s On-Demand Process

The On-Demand approach of QACraft ensures that testing can scale up or down according to development and testing cycles. We devote a test team that works in tandem with your internal resources to help you meet important milestones and release dates more quickly.

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Why should you use QACraft for on-demand testing?

QACraft, being one of the largest and most well-known on-demand software testing firms, brings a lot of knowledge and test assets to the table, ensuring quick and efficient testing of any application you’ve produced.

Some of the major benefits QACraft offers include:

  • Near-global coverage with experienced testers, so you can be confident that your software will run smoothly in the nations where you do business and beyond.
  • Testing and scalability are both possible. Test cases can be run whenever and wherever you need them, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Expertise in combining manual crowd testing with the best on-demand testing (or utilizing either alone) to ensure you get accurate results and a high-quality completed product.
  • QACraft interacts with your favorite tools, such as Github and Jira, allowing you to send and receive tests from within your workspaces.
  • As needed, both black box and white box testing are provided.
  • So you can address any identified flaws or defects without stopping your workflow, you need quick results and easy-to-understand reports.
  • To protect your data and work, use enterprise-level security standards and practices.

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Benefits of on-demand testing with QACraft

Some of the advantages of employing QACraft are immediately apparent, with such a vast pool of experienced test engineers and practically global coverage. You can make use of the following benefits in addition to the ones already mentioned:

  • Bug report delivery in minimum time.
  • Results from a test case that was completed.
  • Integration with existing DevOps technologies like Jira, GitHub, TestRail, and others is simple.
  • Testing on a regional level to confirm that the program operates in diverse areas.
  • Language and culture compliance is ensured by localized testing.


Any company building software or apps can profit greatly from on-demand testing. You have the option of running your own testing processes or relying on QACraft‘s vast pool of experienced people.

On-demand software testing can provide quick findings as and when you need them, allowing problems to be recognized and addressed quickly.

If you’re working on software of any kind, you want to get it out on time and with as few bugs as possible. On-demand testing is the solution that allows you to fulfill your release deadline while still assuring that your product meets the high standards your users expect.

Please contact us at inquiry@qacraft.com for more information if you are seeking a dependable on-demand software testing partner.

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