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Software Testing Metrics or Programming Test Metrics are the quantitative measures used to assess the advancement, quality, usefulness, and strength of the product testing measure. The objective of programming testing measurements is to work on the proficiency and adequacy in the product testing measure and to assist with settling on better choices for additional testing interaction by giving dependable information about the testing cycle.

A Metric characterizes in quantitative terms how much a framework, framework part, or cycle has a given characteristic. The best example to comprehend measurements would be a week after week mileage of a vehicle contrasted with its optimal mileage suggested by the maker.

Importance of Software Testing Metrics

Below factors leads to the importance of Test Metrics:
  • It assists you with making a choice for the following period of activities.
  • It is proof of the case or forecast.
  • It assists you with understanding the kind of progress required.
  • It facilitates the course of dynamic or innovation change.

Type of Software Testing Metrics

Following are the different types of test metrics:
  • Process Metrics: It is utilized to work on the productivity of the cycle in the SDLC.
  • Product Metrics: It manages the nature of the product item.
  • Project Metrics: It estimates the effectiveness of the group working on the task alongside the testing instruments utilized.
  • Base Metrics: Base measurements is the fresh information gathered by Test Analyst during the experiment creation and execution.
  • Calculated Metrics: Calculated measurements are obtained from the information gathered in base measurements. Calculated measurements are normally observed by the test manager for test detailing the reason.
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Life-cycle of Software Testing Metrics:

Following are the stages of software test metrics:
  • Analysis
  • Communicate
  • Evaluation
  • Reports
Analysis: It is liable for the identification of measurements just as the definition. Communicate: It helps in clarifying the need and meaning of measurements to partners and the testing groups. It teaches the testing group about the information guides that need to be caught for preparing the measurement. Evaluation: It helps in catching the required information. It likewise confirms the effectiveness of the caught information and computes the measurement esteem. Reports: It builds the report with a powerful end. It shares the reports with the partners, designers, and testing groups.

Method to Calculate Software Testing Metrics

The below table describes a method to calculate test metrics:
Steps to Test Metrics Example
Firstly, it distinguishes the key programming testing cycles to be estimated. Testing progress following interaction.
In this progression, the tester utilizes the information as the base to characterize the measurements. The number of experiments intended to be executed each day.
Assurance of the data to be followed, a recurrence of the following, and the individual answerable for the undertaking. The real test execution each day will be caught by the test lead or manager toward the day’s end.
Powerful estimation, the executives, and understanding of the characterized measurements. The real experiments are executed each day.
Recognize the spaces of progress rely upon the understanding of characterized measurements. The Test Case execution falls beyond the objective set, we need to explore the explanation and recommend the improvement measures.


Testing measurements help to make test the executives viable, as they give target clarity of the nature of programming items and show how the testing system can be improved.

Still, utilizing measurements is not a simple job, as not every measurement can give you significant experiences. You need to consider the drawbacks of measurements prior to making a measurements program. The standards we’ve accommodated utilizing measurements can assist you with picking the main measurements for your project and applying them adequately.

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