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Selenium vs Testcomplete

Test automation is a time-saving approach, for testing software products that require long-term maintenance. Selenium and TestComplete are considered tools for automation testing as they offer a platform that allows you to construct continuous testing frameworks effortlessly. With their execution


Cypress Vs Selenium – Key Differences

In this article, we will see the differences between Cypress vs Selenium. Test Automation is vital for the software development process to deliver excellence in a shorter release cycle. So, picking the right Test Automation structure like Selenium or Cypress

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Selenium 4 Relative Locators

Relative Locators in the past were called Friendly Locators. The motivation behind Relative Locators is to track down a particular component or element with respect to the situation of another component. There’s a sum of 5 strategies with a choice

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Selenium Vs Protractor : What’s the Difference?

  Before We start Selenium Vs Protractor, we should know about Selenium and protractor. What is Selenium? Selenium is utilized for automation testing of web applications and is an open-source testing apparatus. Selenium is implied distinctly for electronic applications and

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Benefits of Selenium Webdriver for Automation Testing

Jason Huggins developed Selenium in 2004 as an internal tool at ThoughtWorks, Selenium webdriver is widely used in automation industries now a day for automation testing. When we talk about automation testing, selenium is the first choice of an automation

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11 Best Selenium Alternatives for Testers

11 Best Selenium Alternatives You Should Know List of Selenium Alternatives: Robot Framework Cypress Katalon Studio Screenster CasperJS Watir Cucumber Ghost Inspector Lemonce Editor TestCraft Protractor Below describes the detailed list of selenium alternatives: Robot Framework Robot Framework is an

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