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Test Case Vs Test Scenario

What is a Test Case?

A Test Case is a bunch of activities executed to confirm a specific component or usefulness of your product application. A Test Case contains test steps, test information, precondition, postcondition created for explicit test situations to check any prerequisite.

It is a bunch of conditions or factors. In which a tester will decide, if an application, programming framework, or one of its highlights is filling in as it was initially settled for it to do.

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What is a Test Scenario?

A Test Scenario is characterized as any usefulness that can be tested. It is an aggregate arrangement of tests, In which encourages the testing group to decide the positive and negative attributes of the task. Test Scenario gives a significant level of thought, what we need to test.

It also checks the business streams are functioning as expected or not. In scenario testing the setup of situations would be the main part, to set up the situation tester needs to communicate or take help from the customer, partner, or designers.

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Example Of Test Scenario:
Following are the test scenario for e-commerce applications: Test Scenario 1: Verify the Search Functionality. Test Scenario 2: Verify the Payments Functionality. Test Scenario 3: Verify the Login Functionality.
Example Of Test Case:
Test cases for “Verify the Login Functionality” would be:
  • Verify system behavior when a valid email id and password are entered.
  • Confirm system behavior when an invalid email id and valid password are entered.
  • Verify system behavior when valid email id and invalid passwords are entered.
  • Verify system behavior when an invalid email id and invalid password are entered.
  • Verify system behavior when email id and password are left blank and Sign in entered.
  • Verify the functionality for forgotten passwords.
  • Confirm system behavior when “Keep me signed” is checked.

Test Case Vs Test Scenario – Difference

Test Scenario Test Case
A test situation contains significant level documentation that depicts the overall functionality to be tested. Test cases contain positive test steps, information, anticipated outcomes for testing.
Its main focus is on “What to test” rather than “How to Test” Its total focus is on both “What to test” and “How to Test”
It is single-line statement that informs us concerning what to test It gives definite data about if any pre-condition, what to test, how to test and expected outcome, and so on
There is a chance of ambiguity here Here is no ambiguity is present
Test Scenario implies talking and thinking necessities in detail TestCases implies deep recording of the cases which help to execute while testing
It is derived from test artifacts like BSR, SRS, etc It is derived from the test scenario. More than one test case is derived from a single test scenario
It helps in an agile method of testing the overall functionality It helps in exhaustive testing
It is a high-level activity It is low-level activity
It requires less time and resources It requires more time and resources
Best practices of creating a Test Scenario:
  • Test Scenarios are generally single-line proclamation that determines what ought to be tested.
  • Scenario description ought to be basic and straightforward
  • A cautious appraisal of the expressed prerequisites ought to be finished
  • The necessary instruments and resources for testing should be gathered before the start of the testing interaction.
Best practices of Creating Test cases:
  • Test cases ought to be straightforward and clear.
  • Make a Test Case by keeping the end client in the brain.
  • Ignore test case recursion.
  • You need to ensure that you will compose test cases to check all product necessities referenced in the detailed archive.
  • A test case should be promptly recognizable.

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