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static testing

Static Testing

It is a type of testing that can be done without executing software application code. Static testing is a very initial stage of testing which is very easy and less time-consuming as compared to dynamic testing. But we can use this type of testing only to test very basic functionality. Error found by static testing can be fixed quickly and in less time span. 

Benefits of Software Testing:

  • Static Testing is used to prevent defects. 
  • The cost of static testing is nominal as compared to other types of testing.  
  • This kind of testing can be performed with a checklist. 
  • It requires less time span as compared to other kinds of Testing.
  • It can execute 100% statement coverage in less time. 

Static Testing Technique:


Static Testing

Static Testing Techniques are Review and Static Analysis. 
1. Review :  
‘Review’ is a type of static testing that is used to find potential defects in the UI of software. It is the process of finding out defects and fixing them in different documents and Software Requirement specifications.  
There are four types of Review:  
1. Informal: In informal review the person who has prepared the document put the document open for all to review. The audience, user, and client go through the document and give their opinion and review as a comment. In this way, defects can be found in the early stage. 

2. Walkthrough: In a walkthrough type of inspection senior person or a more knowledgeable person review the document and find the defect. So it will become easy for developers and the QA team also.

3. Peer Review: Peer Review comes from a peer or buddy. Peer review is also known as buddy review. In this kind of review, teammates exchange the document for review. It can be done within the team. 

 4. Inspection: Inspection is a type of review that can be done by only a higher authority. i.e. for any software application, a higher authority verify the [SRS] Software Requirement Specification before starting the development of an application. 

There are 3 types of Static analysis: 
  1. Data flow: For performing stream processing data flow can be used.

  2. Control flow: in control, flow needs to be examined in how the statement and instruction are executed.

  3. Cyclomatic complexity: In cyclomatic complexity, the process needs to find the independent path from the control flow graph or flowchart. According to the independent control flow graph test cases can be designed.

Tools used in static Testing:

There are 3 tools used for static testing:  

1. Check style:  
It is a development tool used by developers. It flows the coding standard. It automates the process of checking Java code. It supports all coding standards. Google Java style, Sun code convention.

Feature of check style:

Using it we can check the characteristics of the source code. 

It also helps to design method and class design while development.

It also helps to design method and class design while development.

2. Source Meter:

It is a very advanced tool for various programming languages like c, c++, Java, and Python.

Using It we can easily identify sensitive sections of our source code while developing.  

Feature of Source Meter:  

It gives a clear understanding of error detection. So anyone can easily understand the error. 

It does deep static analysis. 

With the source meter tool’s help, users can easily identify vulnerable source code issues.  
The free version of the source meter is available for all programming languages with partial features. 

Source meter feature:

It provides precise coding error detection

It helps to perform deep static code analysis. 

It uses third-party integration so used to improve UI design. 

It uses a platform-independent command line tool.

3. Soot. :

It is a kind of Java optimization framework. It is used to test and analyze Java and Android applications.  

3.1 Named module and modular Jar file 

3.2 Exploded modules 


While developing any software application there are many kinds of testing are applied to make it robust and secure. It depends upon the user which type of testing he/she needs to use. A very basic kind of testing is Static testing which is used in the very early phase of development. 

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