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There are promotion infinitive cross-program test devices to check your web application for cross-program similarity. Here is the rundown of top Cross Browser Testing Tools shortlisted by our specialists.

Top Cross Browser Testing Tools

Below are the top 10 Cross Browser Testing Tools:

  1. Lambda Test
  2. Egg Plant
  3. Virtuoso
  4. Selenium Box
  5. Test Project
  6. Test Complete
  7. ExperiTest
  8. Browser Stack
  9. Sauce Lab
  10. Cross Browser Testing

Read the detailed information about Cross Browser Testing Tools here:

1) Lambda Test

It is a cloud-based stage that assists you with performing cross-program similarity testing of your web application or sites. You can run computerized selenium scripts on LambdaTest’s adaptable cloud matrix, or can even perform live intuitive testing on genuine program conditions.

  • Run Selenium computerization tests on a versatile Selenium framework having 2000+ program conditions
  • Execute computerized screen capture and responsive testing of your site
  • Test your locally or secretly facilitated site utilizing SSH Tunnel
  • A single tick bug logging to your beloved bug following devices like Asana, BitBucket, GitHub, JIRA, Microsoft VSTS, Slack, Trello, and so forth.

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2) Egg Plant

It permits you to test web applications and locales on any program on any working framework, including portable. Below are the features:

  • Decrease checking exertion by using one model to test any innovation on any gadget, working framework, or program at any layer
  • Genuine start-to-finish testing from the program through the whole tech stack, including heritage administrative center frameworks.
  • Smart test creation and prioritization in view of genuine client trips.
  • Check, assume, and measure the effect of new deliveries.

3) Virtuoso

Virtuoso uses AI to mechanize your end-to-end tests on any program, working framework, or gadget.

  • Creator tests in Natural Language for codeless test computerization that works.
  • Create tests from prerequisites or wireframes before your application is constructed.
  • Eliminate test preservation with AI-driven, self-recuperating abilities.
  • Realize the main problem of test failure.
  • Run on any gadget, program, or OS at scale in the cloud.

4) Selenium Box

Selenium Box is an Enterprise Selenium Grid that sudden spikes in demand for premises or in your corporate cloud are completely manageable and exceptionally adaptable. It permits the execution of mechanized tests for web and portable inside the corporate firewall.

  • On-premises/corporate cloud organization.
  • It supports programs, emulators/test systems, and genuine gadgets.
  • Completely controlled, preservation free.
  • Profoundly versatile.

5) Test Project

Test Project is a free start-to-finish test mechanization stage that empowers clients to test Web, Android, and iOS applications on every working framework, easily. With Test Project, you can undoubtedly work together with your group while locally making, running, and breaking down your test robotization across different stages, working frameworks, gadgets, and programs.

  • No difficult arrangements or designs. Test Project deals with all of that.
  • Make and execute tests with no coding abilities required.
  • Effectively reuse tests across various programs and gadgets.
  • Get brief reports and screen captures of your tests across different programs and gadgets.

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6) Test Complete

Cross-program testing with Test Complete will empower you to rapidly make robotized GUI tests in a single program and run them equally across 1,500 remote test conditions – including programs, working frameworks, goals, and gadgets.

  • Test Complete is a mechanized UI testing device that permits you to make, keep up with, and execute practical tests across the work areas, versatile, and web applications.
  • Simple to make one mechanized GUI test for a very long time.
  • Run tests equal across 1500 genuine testing atmospheres.

7) ExperiTest

Experitest permits you to make and run Appium, Selenium, XCUI Test, and Espresso tests against 2,000+ genuine cell phones and internet browsers.

  • Manage 2000+ genuine cell phones and programs.
  • Run tests equally.
  • Display test reports with screen capture, log documents, and recordings.
  • Visual testing to check UI responsiveness.

8) Browser Stack

Browser Stack upholds over 2000+ internet browsers across various working frameworks like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS gadgets. Browser Stack is one of the exceptional backers of Selenium.

Browser Stack upholds Selenium robotized tests. It executes selenium test cases on a cloud. It’s actually basic and direct.

  • Zero arrangement and no support to accelerate discharges.
  • Object access to 2000+ programs and genuine iOS and Android gadgets.

9) Sauce Lab

It is one of the main cloud-based cross-program test instruments for the web and versatile application testing stage. It permits you to run tests in the cloud on in excess of 260 distinct program stages and gadgets. There is no VM setup or support required. With admittance to live breakpoints, you can undoubtedly assume responsibility for the framework to examine an issue physically. With Sauce Lab, you can record the recent run tests in sequential requests, with data about the runtime, testing stage, assemble, and regardless of whether they passed or failed.

10) Cross-Browser Testing

It was developed by a smart bear. It makes each web experience wonderful on any program or cell phone with its cloud-based genuine gadget lab. Features of Cross Browser testing are:

  • Effectively run manual, visual, and Selenium tests in the cloud on 2050+ genuine work areas and versatile programs.
  • Record and Replay permits you to record a live test and run that recorded test equally.
  • Offers Visual Testing with Automated Screenshots and Examinations.
  • Execute Selenium and Appium Test cases in the Cloud.


Cross-browser testing is a critical method for evaluating the functionality of web applications across a variety of browsers in order to identify and repair faults before they are seen by users.

In this article, we looked at common cross-browser testing tools, both free and paid. We hope the descriptions and comparison table we’ve provided will assist you in selecting the best cross-browser testing solution for your project.

Every project at QACraft is aimed at the greatest level of quality, and our expert QA professionals are on hand to ensure it. If you’re searching for a dedicated team to improve the quality of your product, get in touch with us.

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