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Introduction to Bug in Software Testing

In the current world, with innovation taking greater steps in each stroll of like, programming improvement should be exact, fast, and convey with ideal quality. A thing that is a major issue in the product world is a “bug” in the product being delivered.

A “Bug” is the most unwanted word in the product improvement measure. A bug distinguished should be followed and fixed to guarantee ideal quality in the product/framework being created.

The excursion of any mistake in the code to being perceived as a Bug is clarified beneath.

Code Error

What is a Bug in Software Testing?

The Bug is the nickname of imperfections, which implies that the product or application isn’t filling in according to the necessity.

In programming testing, a product bug can likewise be an issue, blunder, issue, or disappointment. The bug happened when engineers committed any error or mistake while fostering the item.

While testing the application or executing the experiments, the test architect may not get the normal outcome according to the prerequisite. What’s more, the bug had different names in various organizations like blunder, problem, defect, issue, and error, and so on.

app crashes

Each detailed bug follows a lifecycle till the conclusion. A bug or defect life cycle illustrates the journey of a bug from the time it is made to the time it is fixed and shut. A particular bug life cycle is explained below.

Status Definition
New At the point when a defect is posted, the default status is ‘New’.
Open At the point when the defect is acknowledged by engineers, it is moved to the ‘Open’ status.
Rejected At the point when the defect is dismissed by engineers, it is moved to the ‘Dismissed’ status.
Fixed At the point when the defect is fixed by designers, it is moved to the ‘Fixed’ status
Reopen On the off chance that the testing has failed, the defect is moved to ‘Resume’ status.
Closed On the off chance that the testing has passed, the defect is moved to ‘Resume’ status.

Basic Terminology of Defect or Bug

  • Defect
A Defect in Software Testing is a variety or deviation of the product application from the end client’s requirements.
  • Bug

The problem in a computer program or framework that makes it produce an inaccurate or startling outcome.

  • Error

Incorrect human action is called an error.

  • Issue

At the point when the application isn’t meeting the business necessity.

  • Mistake

The issue in the record is known as a mistake.

  • Failure

Deviation identified by the end-user is known as a failure.

Why bugs occur?

1) Miscommunication

When there is no proper communication between developers and testers which leads to unclear requirements and the developer will develop something which is not properly communicated with the testing team hence causing bugs.

2) Software Complexity

If the software is very complex for eg. a long project of 3-4 years having a lot of modules, submodules, and various developers and testers are working on that particular project, chances are that we might have some bugs in our software.

3) Programming errors The bug can occur for the following reasons:

a) Wrong coding is done by the developer which causes the bug./p>

b) Missing coding means that the developer may not have developed the code only for that specific feature.

c) Additional coding means that the developers develop the extra features, which are not required according to the client’s requirements.

4) Changing requirements

Frequently changing the requirements of clients for a project is one of the major reasons for causing a bug.

5) Lack of skilled testers

If the tester doesn’t have a proper skill set definitely will miss bugs, so bugs are not identified it will go into production and the client will face it.

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