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Domain testing is an important software testing technique in domain testing, we divide a domain into subdomains and then test using values from each subdomain. For example, if a website has been given for testing, we will be dividing the website into small parts (subdomains) for ease of testing.

In other words, Domain testing is a software testing method in which we are going to select a minimum number of test cases from an infinite number of test cases, and test that software application to check whether it meets user requirements, for example: If we have an ECommerce website so first we will check the basic feature like, add item in the cart, check out process and after that payment processing and we are going to check that order is successfully placed or not, this will check the crucial part of an application.

What is Domain Testing?

Domain Testing is a Software Testing process in which the application is tested by giving a number of inputs and evaluating its appropriate outputs. Domain testing checks that the software application accepts the data within the range and that production is as per user expectations.

Domain testing is functional Testing in which the output of a system is tested with a minimum number of inputs to ensure that the system does not accept invalid values and the system cannot accept out-of-range input values. It is one of the important White Box Testing methods. It also verifies that the system should not accept inputs or conditions outside the specified range.

Is domain knowledge required for Domain Testing?

It is difficult for someone to perform any work effectively in any field in which the person is not familiar. So, it’s important to have basic domain knowledge in every field in which we are going to work. It is also important because if we don’t have basic domain knowledge so we can’t perform things effectively:

Example of Domain:

Banking Domain –

A tester should have basic knowledge of the banking sector like login, bill payment, and transfers if the tester has knowledge so he will perform domain testing in an efficient way.

banking application testing services

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Retail Domains –

To successfully run a domain test, the tester has to recognize how things workflow at different levels. examples of the retail domain are warehouse management, in-store solutions, etc.

Healthcare Domain –

A person with a proper understanding of domain knowledge should handle a healthcare system effectively. In the healthcare domain, there are a lot of risks if someone doesn’t have knowledge related to the healthcare domain.

healthcare domain testing

Domain testing strategy:
  • Decide what can go wrong with boundaries.
  • Find the way to handle each case.
  • Decide What value should I test.
  • Check off redundant test points.
  • Determine if any boundaries are faulty.
  • Verify each boundary of all the domains.
Domain testers should have the following skills:
  • Quick learner
  • Domain knowledge
  • Can work under pressure
  • Technical and Programming skills
  • Automation skill
  • Bug hunting skill
  • Communication skill
  • Domain testing requires domain knowledge so if we provide correct input, we can get the expected outcomes.


Domain testing is an important testing process where we pass input value to get the expected output, the tester should have the related domain knowledge to test a software application effectively, and a tester should know what to test, and how to test. Domain knowledge is an understanding of a particular area or we can say domain. It means that a person has better knowledge and he/she is familiar with every term and different nuances of the discipline.

Domain knowledge is a huge advantage for a QA. It helps to reduce the delivery time of any project shorten development time, improve customer service, and enhance flexibility. if you have proper domain knowledge it can be used in any of the projects.

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