What is Beta Testing? – A Brief Guide

What is Beta Testing? Beta testing is also known as User Acceptance Testing. Which testing we were performed before the release of the software is Beta testing. It also performs end-to-end software testing and it is one type of silent

On-Demand Software Testing : Benefits and Work Process

Small startups to major behemoths like Microsoft, and Amazon is among the developers who create and release these apps. No matter how big or little the organization is, it must go through a testing process to ensure that the programs

What is Alpha Testing – A Complete Guide

What is Alpha Testing? Alpha Testing is conducted in an organization to determine all possible bugs and defects before releasing the final product to the real users. It is done by the testers who are mostly internal employees of the

What is Non-functional Testing?

Software testing is a method involved with estimating and confirming product item or application does what it is supposed to do. There are two types of testing: Functional Testing Non-Functional Testing What is Functional Testing? It is a kind of

11+ Best Test Management Tools

What is Test Management in Software Testing? Test management can be one of the most effective tools of all time, it’s essential to be able to audit test coverage, execution, and results. This is where the approach of using test

HealthCare Domain Testing with Test Cases

Introduction of Healthcare Domain Healthcare Domain is one of the largest industries in the world and it’s directly related to human life and has a serious impact on one life. Healthcare is a diagnosis and in other words prevention of

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